Mamoni Raisom Goswami is one of the very popular name in the field of Assamese literature who has bagged many prestigious awards like. An eminent writer, poet, scholar, litterateur, novelist and professor, Mamoni Raisom Goswami was a renowned personality in the field of. Mamoni Raisom Goswami’s death marks end of an era in Literature of Assam. A lady with bright personality and a noble heart, popularly known as Mamoni.

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Music Composer Gopal Das Niraj. All educational Awards,national educational awards,international educational awards in Edubilla.

She was also well known for her attempts to structure social changeboth through her writings and through her role as mediator between the armed militant group United Liberation Front of Asom and the Government of India. Her autobiogrpahy “Adhalekha Dastabez” published in series in Nilachal from in her pen-name ‘Mamoni Raisom Goswami’. At this stage, she devoted her time to writing and wrote only to live.

Goswami’s book Chhinnmasatar Manuhto was against animal sacrifice in the famed Kamakhya Temple, the seat of Shakti worship, which raised the hackles of the temple priests while Jatra is set against the backdrop of insurgency in Assam.

A gosqami salute of twenty-one shots was fired in the air as a mark of respect. In The Gsowami of South Kamrup, originally called Une Khowa Howda in Assamese, she chronicles the saga of a young Brahmin widow Giribala who, since the death of her husband, had eaten only rice and boiled raiso and now shocks the society by eating meat surreptitiously. Ggoswami Raisom Goswami had several passing-by relationships before she met Madhavan, with who she fell in love and in the yeardespite the objection from her family, they got married and soon left for Runn of Kutch, where he was posted by the company.

But her life was meant to finish lot more tasks than that, thats why probably she survived both the occassions.

The noted litterateur passed away on 29 November at the age of 69 years.

Mamoni Raisom Goswami|

He was from a well-respected family of Mysore, settled in Malleswaram in Bangalore. The novel exposed the uglier face of Vrindavan — the city of Krishnaan Hindu deity — inviting criticism of Goswami from conservative sections of the society.


She said in an interview, “When the novel was serialized in a popular magazine, I was threatened with dire consequences. One of the main issues that the novel touches upon is the plight of young widows for whom companionship beyond the confines of their ashrams and fellow widows become impossible. She was the recipient of the honorary D. Sachidananda Routray Kusumagraj C. Inshe published her first book ‘Sinaki Morom’, a story collection, in the name ‘Indira Goswami’. She championed the cause of women throughout her career.

She battled with intense depression, spending her nights with sleeping tablets, handfuls of which she swallowed in two attempts to end her life. Once brought back to Assam, she joined the Goalpara Sainik School as a teacher and after that come to Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, and pursue research for peace of mind. A Biography on Photos. In her novel “Nilkanthar Bajra” was translated into emglish as “The shadow of the dark god and the sin”. Her autobiography was trnslated into english as “An unfinished Autobiography” injust two years after the orginal assamese publish.

RoadDelihi’s red-light districtto depict the lives of the prostitutes who lived there which forms a part of her novel. After relocating to Delhi, to become Head of Assamese Department at the University of Delhi, the most glorious phases of her life begins. Mother of a legend – Ambika Devi. She received the Jnanpith AwardIndia’s highest literary award, for writing about the subalterns [ clarification needed ] and marginalised.

In the yearshe joined Delhi University as a lecturer. In Vrindavan she was involved in Ramayana studies. Two Legends of Assam. Her novel The Moth Eaten Howdah of a Tusker was later made into a film named Adajya which received much acclaim and awards.

Indian President Shankar Dayal Sharma.

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At this point she went back to writing. During her university days, she met with an handsome and young Engineer from Mysore, Madhevan Raisom Iyengar, who came to Assam to work on the construction of the Saraighat Bridge in river Brahmaputra. After thst she didnt look back. His limitless love for her had completely wiped out the anguish and gozwami in her mind that beleaguered her so much during her early years that she had even attempted to kill herself.


Gozwami life took a new turn. Mamoni Raisom Goswami is one the author of the recent days who made every Assamese proud. Jnanpith from President Krishna Kant.

It is autobiographical in character as she says the anguish goswamj the main character Saudamini, reflects what she had gone through after her husband had died. Inshe published her first collection of short stories, “Chinaki Morom”, when she voswami a student. But soon she was sent to Pine Mount School in Shillong for better education Mamoni Raisom Goswami Award Name: Pain and Flesh is her poetry collection which includes her well-known poem Pakistan.

At the peak of her literary gaisom she wrote the controversial novel The Man from Chinnamastaa critique of the thousand-years-old tradition of animal sacrifice in the famous Hindu Shakti temple to Kamakhyaa mother goddessin Assam.

The young gossami beautiful lady soon fell in love with smart Raisom and got married to him in She refers to herself an “observer” of the ongoing peace process rather than a mediator or initiator. Subramanian June 9, School Going Indira Goswami. During her stay in Delhi University she was the comman gurdian to every student from north-east region.

It is the story of exploitation of labourers working for companies building an aqueduct over the Chenab River in Kashmir, and drew from her own experience in the Valley with her husband. She suffered a stroke in the month of February last year and was taken to New Delhi for treatment. According to his advice, she went to Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh and involved herself in the studies of Ramayani Literature. She slowly took shelter into her old love of writings.