GUIDELINES USING MATLAB. ®.,. Simulink. ®., and Stateflow. ®. Version MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board. (MAAB). July 27 th. All versions of the Architectural Access Board’s regulations ( CMR) – Present. The MAAB Control Algorithm Modeling Guidelines (MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board)[3] is a well established set of publicly available rules for modeling.

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Display of labels on signals Last Changed V2. See the following examples. The default variant is an exception to the second rule. Note The selected font should be portable for example, the Simulink and Stateflow default font or convertible between platforms for example, Arial or Helvetica 12pt.

Subsystems connected in a feed-forward and feedback loop have at least one signal line for each direction. Therefore, pay attention when using local characters for exchanging models between countries.

MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board (MAAB) – Automotive Industry Standards – MATLAB & Simulink

Check display for port blocks. Check use of single variable variant conditionals. Stateflow and Simulink interface signals and guideliness Last Changed V2.

Signal flow in Simulink models ID: We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. Simulink patterns for case constructs ID: Guidelines for mixed use of Simulink and Stateflow ID: Tunable parameters in basic blocks Last Changed V2.


Industry Standards

For a complete list of the supported function, see the MathWorks documentation. Select a Web Site Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers. In some cases, it may not be practical or desirable to resize the icon of a subsystem block so that all of the input and output names within it are readable.

Check usage of tunable parameters in blocks. Pointers in Stateflow ID: Entry versus propagation of signal labels. Reuse of variables within a single Stateflow scope.

Similar block types on the model levels. These statements also apply to more complicated nested and cascaded if-then-else structures and case structure implementations. Check for propagated signal labels.

Port block names in Simulink models the same name as the associated signal, or giving them a shortened or mangled version of the name of the associated signal.

Accordingly, the terms and conditions of this Agreement and only those rights specified in this Agreement, shall pertain to and govern the use, modification, reproduction, release, performance, display, and disclosure of the Program and Documentation by the federal government or other entity acquiring for or through the federal government and shall supersede any conflicting contractual terms or conditions.


Appropriate implementation of fundamental logical and numerical operations ID: Simple logical expressions in If Condition block. Size px x x x x Feedback loops Sequential blocks or subsystems are arranged from left to right. Use of patterns for flow charts.

Check Implement logic signals as Boolean data vs. You can recommend guidelines for one or more of the following reasons: If gudielines is a need to store the result of a logical condition test in guiselines Simulink model, for example, by storing a flag, this is an indicator of the presence of modal logic, which should be modeled with Stateflow software.

Maintaining signal flow when using Goto and From blocks. Blocks can also be grouped together based on behavioral variants or timing.

AAB Rules and Regulations

Patents MathWorks products are protected by one or more U. The Trigger port is also the function-call block. Note that even a basic block, for example a table lookup, may require fairly complicated computations.

Position of block names. State machine patterns for conditions.