El Libre del Coch o Libro de guisados de Ruperto de Nola es quizás el documento más interesante que en la Península Ibérica existe sobre la antigua cocina. Libro de guisados manjares y potajes intitulado libro de cozina. Ruperto de NOLA (Author and Translator). Miguel de Eguía (Printer). Origin: Logroño, XVI c. Libro de cocina, Ruperto de Nola, Incunabula, Old book, Facsimile, Printer Cromberger, Seville , R/ Biblioteca Nacional España.

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This is the translation of the Catalan Llibre del coch Book of the cook of the Chef, major cook, Ruperto de Nola, rupreto in Barcelona in Without a doubt, let’s enjoy them. What is a codex? The popularity of the work is shown by the many known editions not only in Catalan but in Spanishand they show as without a doubt, to be one of the most interesting documents about old Catalan and Aragonese cookery.

Collection of Incunabula cocona Old Books. Menu What we do since Who we are and what we do since Codices manuscripts – Incunabula – Ancient books. Books and works tit.

Included in Bibliofilia Antigua X. Thus, the recipes for Naples were later adapted to the Castile and, even more, to the American soil where this volume appears in both lists of booksellers and ecclesiastical libraries. Partner Benefits Codex, manuscrits – Incunabula – Old ilbro. What is a codex? Pajarillo que al alba.


This book is in the main American libraries and we still do not know to what extent their recipes shaped the first mestizo foods. What and who is buying What is a facsimile? Graphic Works Leonardo da Vinci 11 facsimiles.

Numbered sheets from the second sheet to the last one such as ij – lxviij. Presentation dust jacket cloth lined with gold engraved leather spine containing facsimile.

Gothic script in four font sizes. Specially made laid paper. What is an incunabulum? Ve the title pagethe title can be seen inside a xylographical ornament made of four parts, libfo the bottom part with an empty shield blank carried by lions.

The first cookbook in Spanish was printed in Toledo in the year Little is known of the Master Ruperto: Text in Spanish in yanked line.

Book of stews, delicacies and meals, titled cookbook… by Ruperto de Nola

Menu What we do since Who we are and what we do since Specially made laid paper. What and who is buying What is a facsimile? The foliation of the record copy has the particularity that folio viij is bound between the folio i and the folio ij, error of binding that logically we have reproduced. What is an incunabulum?

In Castile, this handbook and recipe book circulated from the sixteenth century as a book of stews … and cookbook in more than 15 editions. Libro de guisados manjares y potajes intitulado libro de cozina. Codices manuscripts – Cociha – Ancient books. Many editions however, but by contrast, few known copies. Collection of Incunabula and Old Books. The dr will be grateful for this information about a good table of those times, which the reader will like to discover.


Libro de guisados, Ruperto de Nola, Incunabula, Old book, Facsimile

Who buys a facsimile and nooa Numbered by notary and signed by the printer-publisher. Printers since – Publishers since Comments Comments are closed. Govierno general, moral y politico, hallado en las fieras y animales sylvestres. Partner Benefits Codex, manuscrits – Incunabula – Old books. Since the recipes included in the work of Nola as in the later Spanish ones of the seventeenth century belonged to the palace area we must understand the processes of adaptation.

They say reading feeds the mind; the reader may experiment with some of his recipeswithout forgetting the many interesting details that we require on a decent table on those times. Here we share the link of the Cesarean edition of and the PDF of the princeps toledana. Numbered by liibro and signed by the focina.