LEICA GPS Spider. The reference station software is known as LEICA GPS Spider. It is required to operate the GRX Series receivers. Use. Operating. User Manual. All instructions required in order to operate the product to a .. Configuring a GRX Pro/GRX GG Pro for Connecting a. NTRIP Server. Leica GRX Pro Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Leica GRX Pro User Manual.

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Safety Directions Safety Directions General Introduction Description The following directions should enable the person responsible for the product, and the person who actually uses the equipment, to anticipate and avoid operational hazards. Icons Description Icons show the current status information of the receiver.

Page 71 – Sudden Loss Only and Always. Insert the coin into the groove of the SIM card uset. Place the SIM card screw back on the housing.


Insert and remove The CompactFlash card is inserted into a slot inside of battery compartment A on the a CompactFlash front of the receiver. To configure hser points and hidden point measurements. Step Description With the Leica logo facing upwards, slide the battery into the battery compartment and push upwards so that it locks into position. Operating times will be shorter when working in cold weather. Step Description Select the Networking tab.

It is required to operate the GRX Series manuap. Tick Use the following IP address. Hold ESC for 2 s. Take some time to explore the different configuration screens.


Description To select a page in a screen, do one of the following: Select the newly added modem. Lightning conduc- Suggestion for design of a lightning conductor for a GPS system: To accept changes and access the subsequent screen.


Up to two external power supplies can be connected using a Y-cable. Make sure leics receiver is switched off.

The product must be used with the recommended antenna. Shipping When transporting the product by rail, air or sea, always use the complete original Leica Geosystems packaging, transport container and cardboard box, or its equiva- lent, to protect against leicz and vibration. All configuration settings of a GRX Series receiver can now be accessed.

Page 35 If an external power supply is connected and one internal battery is inserted, then the external power is used. All settings are case sensitive.

Page 51 Step Description Continue with the next part. Product specific treatment and waste management information can be downloaded from the Leica Geosystems home page at http: Page Warning Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Leica Geosystems for compli- ance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. This window comes up Page 63 Operation GPS Page Data streaming, reference station Do not use other liquids; these may attack the polymer components.

Page Unlock, keyboard Page 92 Danger Because of the risk of electrocution, it is very dangerous to use poles and extensions in the vicinity of electrical installations such as power cables or electrical railways. Step Description Continue with the next part.

The following step-by-step description shows how to create a NET port and assign the remote interface to it. Displays the current position mode depending on the config- uration defined.


The navigation bar below the status header contains the links to the status and configuration pages, and to useful support links. Page 79 If no, continue with step Opening a choicelist reveals either a simple listbox or a comprehensive listbox dialogue.

Page 39 Step Description Click Add….

Leica GRX1200 series Getting Started

Appearance and Choicelists have various appearances. Select the newly created communication cable. Adjusting The Receiver Settings Adjusting the Receiver Settings Description GRX Series receivers are delivered with a number of default settings to cover the needs of the majority of users, which keeps configuration time to a minimum. Page 62 The antenna must not be moved while manhal is logged, otherwise the quality of post- processed coordinates is impaired.

Touch screen if fitted: Take down the equipment and put it back into the transport container. User Manual Version 4. On non-metallic structures Protection by air terminals is recommended.

To use the Web Interface, a Web Interface upgrade has to be done every time a firmware upgrade is made. Step Description Loosen the screw of the battery compartment A. Insert the height hook into the carrier.

Refer to leics Technical Data” for information on technical data. A separation distance of at least 20 centimeters should be kept between the antenna and the body of the user or nearby person within the intended application. Page 55 Step Description Select the Networking tab.