Whether you are a lessor or a lessee, the Régie du logement proposes some models Lease. The landlord has the right to receive the total amount of the rent. Version en français – L’audition à la régie du logement has exclusive jurisdiction over all matters relating to the lease, as long as the amount requested does. The Régie du logement is a provincial body that supervises the residential rental market and applies Quebec’s housing laws and regulations. Its responsibilities.

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August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Suivez nous Follow us facebook twiter google-flus link-in. The witness must receive the subpoena at least three days before the hearing.

Agriculture Tourism Transportation airports highways railways. Do not change the shape or destination of the dwelling 4. You are about to visit a Quebec website.

If you call a witness, it is a good idea to prepare questions for the witness in advance. A controversial issue refers to a jurisprudential or doctrinal contradiction. Return the dwelling to the condition in which it was found Rights: Can I force someone to be a witness?

Our services and areas of expertise Housing law concerns all logrment provisions surrounding the relationship between the owner of a property and the tenant. You can verbally amend your application at the hearing in the presence of the refie side, but only if the commissioner authorizes you to.

Régie du logement

Repossession of an Apartment or Eviction. This is a written statement that replaces actual statements by a witness during the hearing. But a new owner lase wants to subdivide, demolish or enlarge the rental unit or change its use can usually require a tenant to leave. You are also wondering if you should have a lawyer with you.

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Hearings at the Régie du logement (rental board) | Éducaloi

This article is not a legal opinion or legal advice. How should the application be notified? This page was last edited on 29 Aprilat It acts as a specialized tribunal to rule on rent increases, the lease conditions, noise, regke, repairs, and the termination of the leases. Notifying the application means sending it to logemet person so that he or she is aware of the reasons for your application and can prepare for the hearing.

Régie du logement – Wikipedia

This suggests that the issue will affect the rights and obligations of a group or class of persons. Can a person degie buys the building force the tenant to leave? We assist you in the preparation of your housing management files and write your correspondence and demands. You know you can challenge the decision, but you’re not sure how to do this. The form must be used for all new leases, whether for a room, an apartment or a house. The landlord must give the lewse a copy of the lease within 10 days of when it is signed.

Your mandatary can do these things on your behalf: A witness must have direct and personal knowledge of the facts. Lawyer – Logemenf Law. In this contract, the tenant agrees to pay rent, logemeent the landlord agrees to let the tenant live in the rental unit and ensures the tenant enjoys it in peace. You should also dress appropriately.


People aged 70 and over have an added protection in cases where the owner logsment to evict them or retake possession of their units. Two weeks ago, you moved into your new apartment with your best friend, Rex, a big German Shepherd. In a lease, the landlord and tenant can agree on issues such as rent payments, the use of certain parts of the property e. To do this, you must get the agreement of the other side to accept a written statement leade of having the witness attend the hearing.

A residential lease is a contract between the landlord and tenant. The parties may assert their rights or be represented by counsel. It is signed between a tenant and a landlord.

Hearings at the Régie du logement (rental board)

But nothing in a lease can go against what the law requires. Peaceful enjoyment of leased premises.

Owner landlord or tenant, you may well need a housing lawyer in your rental agreement for the following reasons: In fact, the landlord can obtain the termination of the lease if the tenant is over three weeks late for the payment of the rent.

Cancelling a lease is not leade same as not renewing a lease.