Folliculogenesis and oogenesis are important events preceding the release of the mature oocyte (ovulation), as well as for in vitro oocyte maturation, which is. Drosophila oogenesis is an excellent system for the study of developmental cell biology. Active areas of research include stem cell. Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis. Pgs. (Campbell). Spermatogenesis. Production of sperm. Continuous and prolific; Each ejaculation.

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New components of the Drosophila fusome suggest it plays novel roles in signaling and transport. Light sheet microscopy for real-time developmental biology. The germarium and early oogenesis The formation of egg chambers also called follicles takes place during the first four days of oogenesis in the germarium.

Epigenetic stability increases extensively during Drosophila follicle stem cell differentiation. The origin of asymmetry: In formaldehyde fixed tissue, these bundles have a striated appearance, but the striations are not observed in live tissue when the bundles are labeled with fluorescent protein fusions [ 29 ].

Margolis J, Spradling A. Active areas of research include stem cell maintenance, gamete development, pattern formation, cytoskeletal regulation, intercellular communication, intercellular transport, cell polarity, cell migration, cell death, morphogenesis, cell cycle control, and many more.

Systematic gain-of-function genetics in Drosophila. The large size and relatively simple organization of egg chambers make them ideally suited for microscopy of both living and fixed whole mount tissue.


A group of follicle cells with one level of reporter expression is often adjacent to another group with a ooogenesis different level.

Three new Drosophila markers of intracellular membranes. Chou TB, Perrimon N. Prostaglandin signaling is involved with triggering the formation of nurse cell actin cables [ 30 ]. Quantifying the Gurken morphogen gradient in Drosophila oogenesis. The selection relies on the dominant female-sterile mutation ovo D1which when heterozygous results in an early arrest of germline development.

Alternatively, microtubules can be visualized using a transgene that expresses a fluorescent protein fused to either tubulin or a microtubule juurnal protein Table 4.

Methods for studying oogenesis

The analysis specific cell populations isolated from ovaries is greatly aided by the ability to dissociate ovarian cells and perform fluorescence-activated cell sorting FACS. Quantitative analysis of gene function in the Drosophila embryo. Insulin levels control female germline stem cell maintenance via the niche in Drosophila. Protein traps useful for oogenesis [ 82 — 84, ].

Localization of bicoid mRNA in late oocytes is maintained by continual active transport. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Live imaging of GFP-labeled proteins in Drosophila oocytes.

A role for the Drosophila segment polarity gene armadillo in cell adhesion and cytoskeletal integrity during oogenesis.

This task therefore requires substantial effort, and several large-scale of this type were conducted in s and s. Making a better RNAi vector for Drosophila: In addition, transgenes have been engineered that express fluorescent protein fusions allowing the localization of many proteins and structures in oogenesis; some of oogenewis are listed in Table 4and more can be found at the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center.


Alternative protocols for jurhal preservation rely on methanol fixation, including a recently developed protocol that includes a detergent extraction step prior to methanol fixation in an effort to allow for better penetration of antibodies [ 98 ]. Inclusion of detergent and phalloidin during the fixation step has been reported to give improved results [ jurhal. A subset of protein traps with localization patterns that are useful in oogenesis are listed in Table 3.

Support Center Support Center. Pole cell transplantation Primordial germ cells form early in embryonic development and are the first embryonic cells to undergo cellularization.

Methods for studying oogenesis

This has been done in ovarian follicle cells for example, where mutant clones of a vacuolar ATPase were tested for their ability to suppress the effects of UAS-driven constructs that expressed activated forms of the Notch signaling protein [ 70 ]. Thus, the germarium contains two types of stem cells maintained in separate niches whose division rates must be coordinated to produce cells necessary for egg chamber production.

Curr Opin Genet Dev. Mitotic recombination can also be used to trace cell lineage in a tissue as the cells divide.