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ACR1281 C1 USB SDK-ACR120U , Contactless Reader Development kit Black

Log In Sign Up. Outpatient service is one of the hospital services that starts on patient jifare to policlinic services. Long enrollment queue even occurs. This is because of the unbalance between the number of admission staff and patients enrolled.

Therefore, the use of smartcard reader especially ACR in the hospital services will be interesting.

MIFARE Card Reader in Hyderabad

APM is a software which allows the patients to register themselves without regular programmint. On the next development, APM is tested with the parameters corresponding between the functional requirements with use case diagram and the waiting time of patient enrollment. The test consists of functionality use case testing using black box adapted to the case scenario and the form of testing, tools compatibility testing and the connection to the software, and the waiting time APM enrollment.

The results proggamming the tests show that APM is able to sufficiently meet the functional requirements, tools and connection compatibility. It is also evident that APM can pfogramming patient waiting time for the enrollment than usual. The first and second solutions are the best possible APM: However, the solutions will only reduce the problem ACR The last solution is probably to add media Mifare: Based on the Law of Republic Indonesia concerning about hospital, a hospital is defined as an institution which holds B.

One of the good hospital 1. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design characteristics is structurally administered. This is supported The analysis and design methodology used within the work by information systems; one of them is outpatient information here is object-oriented development strategy software by system that includes patient enrollment process until policlinic organizing software as a set of objects data and operations javs services.

ACR C1 USB SDK-ACRU , Contactless Reader Development kit Black SDK-ACR

Outpatient service is part of a division or unit in it and qcr120 based on the principles of management complexity. Both object-oriented analysis and design is often referred jafa as There are many problems found in hospital.


Those are object-oriented analysis and design OOAD [4]. Details of manual service administration, unarranged system, imbalance OOAD can be seen below: Object-Oriented Analysis and also lack of supporting tools for information systems [3].

All of those problems delay the service length time, followed Analysis of object-oriented or object-oriented analysis by the increase of patient waiting time and also the medical OOA is a stage to analyze the needs of the system record provision which is sometimes not punctual. These specification to be built with object-oriented methods.

In situations lead to patients dissatisfaction which resulted not object-oriented analysis, there are several methods of object- only to decline the hospital quality, but also affect of the level oriented modeling prior to UML modeling, namely Booch of traffic prograamming hospital profit.

Some of the possible solutions are to increase the [4]. Object-Oriented Design Object-oriented design or object-oriented design OOD is an intermediate stage to map the needs of object-oriented concepts into the design of the modeling to be more easily implemented into programming. Object-oriented modeling is often made in the form of a software document by using a set of object-oriented modeling tools such as UML.

This stage can recognize problems in building a system or object-oriented software [4]. The software gathered many methods developed at that time in order to meet all of the people understanding.

In this paper, there are four main diagrams are used for the software modeling. As for the features of Mifare are: This interface is simple and has a look like the Operating distance of ACR is approximately 5cm. Net for its in a single reading. In other words, plug and play USB device library. Despite of that, it can be combined with another allows the communication with different device applications.

This library was concern In terms of security, the ACR can be integrated with an as reader. Analysis and Design System has 1K of memory storage and use frequency of Patients enrolled as a member of APM first. Mifare Detection Result Patients can self-enrolled and print a wuth of enrollment using the Java programming language jdk7.

The working mechanism of patient enrollment by APM is: Scanning card jsva patient 2. Patient enter number PIN 4. Menu show up 5.

Smart Card Reader Driver & Manual Downloads – ACS Drivers

Choose menu After the confirmation is made, APM will print a proof of enrollment in the form of receipt that can be directly taken by the patient. The data is managed at APM respectively. Implementation of the interface was made in accordance The difference, the Mifare card reader is brought near the NFC with the design of the interface screen. Many forms have been until the login page appears. The card does not need to be implemented; there are 9 pieces with detail slide twenty four inserted into the card reader such as the one seen in ATM.


Its process begins by scanning the patient Mifare smartcard to a reader reading the card with the language Cincluding 2. System Validation the library of the ACR If the card reading is successful, it To make sure that this software served well as it has been will match the id card advance with the existing data within purposed, a test was conducted.

The software testing has used the wjth using Oracle database 10g XE. Following the black box testing, so that it tested by use case requirement. ACR test is as shown in Fig. APM should be developed and implemented by Table 1. To test the time, we use three times with more than 5 hospitals to improve the quality of care because it can persons as participants. Result of Time Validation 3.

Asep results of the testing that has been done, some conclusions can be drawn as follows: Reader can be used for APM because it can be [2] B. Perhimpunan Profesional Perekam and C as library to read the card.

Card reading solution using Java and C is used miffare [5] K. From create a temporary file in wnd Java container, so that the Theory to Practice, Istanbul: Politeknik Telkom, enrollment through APM. The accuracy of the time Now and Tomorrow, Chicago: After reviewing the manufacture and research of this paper, Adventure Press, Smartcard can be used as the primary e-health [14] I.

A Practitioner’s Approach 7thEd. Ltd, “Technical Spesification version 2. Departemen Kesehatan RI, Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and programmijg email you a reset link. Click here to sign up. Help Center Find new research papers in: