Energy and Equity (Ideas in Progress) [Ivan Illich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A junkie without access to his stash is in a state of crisis. ENERGY AND EQUITY∗. Ivan Illich. “El socialismo puede llegar sólo en bicicleta . He felt that a term as little known and as technical as “energy crisis” had no. This book looks at energy from the perspective of a person with no interest in the present system. Illich looks at energy as a divisive element in our modern.

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Everyone learns how to live outside school. Bright and dull alike have always relied on rote, reading, and wit to pass their exams, motivated by the stick or by the carrot of a desired career.

El socialismo puede llegar solo en bicicleta. Once they are defended, their recovery as commons becomes increasingly difficult. Schools as False Public Utilities Like highways, schools, at first glance, give the impression of being equally open to all comers. More on Illich, energy and equity Annihilation of Space. Although both writers therefore seem acutely aware of the potential adverse social impacts of increasing automation, neither appears to explicitly, or perhaps even implicitly, acknowledge and consider the potential constraints and impacts of the other two sources of instability identified, and the connections between all three.

Seth Lajeunesse rated it really liked it Sep 30, In each of these three roles the teacher bases his authority on a different claim. Preview — Energy and Equity by Ivan Illich.

El socialismo puede llegar solo en bicicleta. Yet only a ceiling on energy use can lead to social relations that are characterized by high levels of equity. Notify me of new comments via email. It is not commensurable with traditional space, which is a commons. Transformation Where love meets social justice. Mar 29, Bernie rated it it was amazing. Anarchism will only arrive on bike. Above this threshold, energy grows at the expense of equity. In a similar way with development and economic growth, I associate counter-productivity: But I’ve aged enough and seen enough of people that I just don’t believe the common man would be wise enough to voluntarily reduce speed or the desire for power.


Right-wing institutions, as we can see clearly in the case of schools, both invite compulsively repetitive use and frustrate alternative ways of achieving similar results. This is true even for teachers whose pupils spend most of their school time in a classroom without walls. Increasingly educational research demonstrates that children learn most of what teachers pretend to teach them from peer groups, from comics, from chance observations, and above all from mere participation in the ritual of school.

We are not concerned here, directly, with the hidden curriculum of the ghetto streets which brands the poor or with the hidden curriculum of the drawing room which benefits the rich.

At best, such a period would be used to increase energy efficiencies and further develop cleaner energy substitutes. H20 and the Waters of Forgetfulness. As soon as a poor country accepts the doctrine that more energy more carefully managed will always yield more goods for more people, that country locks itself into the cage of enslavement to maximum industrial outputs.

The two solutions consist of securing the current source of the drug, or finding a different, more secure pusher. Along the way he gives a startling analysis of the marginal disutility of tools.

So far it has meant more energy intensive goods and more professional service. Modern warfare has become a highly professional enterprise whose business is killing. Children belong in school. Yet schools, as compulsory channels for learning, could exist without either and be more repressive and destructive than anything we have come to know.


The idea that we look at energy not for some free limitless source to bring perfection, but rather beyond a certain level energy becomes corrupting. Understanding the role of culture: At the opposite extreme of the spectrum lie institutions distinguished by spontaneous use — the “convivial” institutions. Like heated gas ifan, cars exert a pressure on communities from the inside out, a pressure that pushes the nodes of daily life — home, shops, offices, school, etc.

But of course teachers do a lot more. Children appeared in Europe along with the pocket watch and the Christian moneylenders ivaj the Renaissance.

Defining children as full-time pupils permits the teacher to exercise equitj kind of power over their persons which is much less limited by constitutional and consuetudinal restrictions than the power wielded by the guardians of other social enclaves.

How to write a great review. Only participatory democracy creates the conditions for rational technology. The Wisdom of Leopold Kohr.

Ivan Illich: Deschooling Society, Energy and Equity

Since most people today live outside industrial cities, most people today do not experience childhood. They have no contact with teachers, and they are deprived of the privilege of becoming dropouts. But the same adults would worry about illihc mental health of a child who rushed home to tell them what he learned from his every teacher.

Comparison of traffic planning in swedish land use plans.

Gross National Happiness versus Predatory Capitalism.