Sec: A, Teresa Duplá Marín, Derecho, ESP Rights over things (Iura in re aliena ). . VOLTERRA, E. Instituciones de Derecho Privado Romano, translation by. En el derecho romano las servidumbres fueron una iura in re aliena (derechos reales sobre cosa ajena). encumbrance iura in re aliena encumbrance iura in re aliena real rights of enjoyment: real rights of guarantee: servitudes usufruct, use, habitation emphyteusis.

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For most writings of classical Roman law, synonymous with ius naturae. Participation is free romqno the site has a strict confidentiality policy. It determined what one citizen or group of citizens could or could not do regarding another; i.

Bibliography The short bibliography to prepare the course material is as follows: This page was last edited on 19 Juneat Mackeldey, Ferdinand; Dropsie, Moses A Subject of Law I: These were voluntarii or extranei or sui because they had the ius abstinendicarrying the power potestas of refusal.

Ius – Wikipedia

If any of the heirs should die or become ineligible to inherit for any reason before the death of the testator, the share of the other heirs increased by a percentage of the vacated share. Although this right originated in the Holy Roman Empire and existed in other reflex states, such as Bremenit was used primarily in early France, where it became the droit d’aubaignedroit d’aubaine or droit d’aubenage.

Subject of Law II: Term search All of ProZ. On the death of the testator the estate entered a pending period delatio during which the heirs must apply and either prove that they were qualified to be heirs or be disqualified. In addition to these lectures, there will be practical sessions carried out in small groups to work on a specific topic from the course whether in class or outside of class.

The magistrates thus had the right and power to draft men into the army at any time, but this demand was never a private affair; the males were lawfully assembled and selections were made by the commanders of derecyo units.


They serve to complement the material studied in class, encourage collaborative learning and create spaces for reflection outside of class for them to assimilate and apply the knowledge acquired. That any family should disappear through lack of heirs was abhorrent.


The ius is sometimes called the right of survivorshipthe modern term for the disposition of joint property to the survivors, dating from the Roamno Ages. Elementos de Derecho civil, tomo I tres volsBarcelona, Ed.

The right to undertake an action against a person to compel eerecho of an obligated service or delivery of an owed thing. Spanish PRO pts in category: Furthermore, these rights could be named and enumerated in formulae beginning with the word ius on by a descriptive phrase, most often in the genitive case: A dictionary of Greek and Roman antiquities 3d revised and enlarged ed.

Indiana Legislative Services Agency This notice is to emphasize that when the sale of a mobile home and appurtenances as personal property occurs by or through an auctioneer, agent, broker, akiena, or other person considered a dealer for sales tax purposes including real estate brokers, the appurtenances may not be excluded from the application of sales tax.

Something added to another, more important thing; an appendage. Concept of Law and types. Return to KudoZ list. Lex de Imperio Vespasiani: Lastly, for students to carry out prior independent study of all the content included in aliwna session, faculty will use the Maas platform to post support material for each of the course topics prior to the lecture or practical session in question.

Cosa accesoria o dependiente de la principal, y te entra con ella en la propiedad. The teaching methodology does stress active participation by students, combining different teaching methods together with lectures. The emperor Justinian removed these conditions, restoring the republican form in favor of Christians who had decided to live celibate. Joint heirs had to be all voluntarii or all necessarii ; mixed inheritance was not allowed.


There were exceptions and conditions, which required adjudication. The space also includes an area to introduce keywords, enabling students to classify the concepts introduced by general topics. Have the level of required competences will be able to move on to the next year of the programme so long as they pass this course, but they will not be able to complete the final degree project without acquiring the required competence levels for the degree programme. He was a necessariusbut the praetor could grant him on application the beneficium abstinendithe privilege of refusing.

Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. Handbook of the Roman law. Colquhoun, Patrick Mac Chombaich De The iura were specified by laws, so ius sometimes meant law.

Subsequently it became a staple of civil law in the many nations descending from the Roman Empire. Black, Henry Campbell This question was created by: You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.

Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, new ser. Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Law: Iura that originated and remained primarily as canon law are marked with the coat of arms of the Holy See. En la nota al art. After the heirs were approved the estate entered the adquisitio phase.

Ius might be something less than the whole body of law when special fields were designated by an adjective, such as ius publicum”public law,” as opposed to private law. Exercise of rights and private autonomy. Vacated shares for which heirs could not be found were forfeited to the government.

La palabra servidumbre nos dice ya de la naturaleza de esta carga, o de este derecho.