International Interline is a two component, solvent free, heavy duty epoxy tank lining for application to steel tank internals to provide corrosion resistance to a. Interline Back to Engine Room/Bilge Paint. international_paint_tin free, heavy duty epoxy tank lining. Packaging: 20L. Documents. interline__eng. professional vessel coating / for ships / two-component / epoxy. Interline P International Marine. Add to MyNauticExpo favorites. professional vessel coating .

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Interline can hold a blast for up to 28 days in the semi-protected environment of a tank interior. The question has been correctly sent. The aim of this study was to compare the effects This does not take into consideration any specific curing requirements for third party approvals, such as for inerline water use. Customer further agrees that we have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets.

Refer to Interline Application Guidelines for detailed information.

Interline® 975 – Protective Coatings | International Paint

Martorana has more than 26 years of leadership inerline in the process equipment manufacturing industry and demonstrates a keen acumen for domestic and overseas market dy…. These may be subject to variation depending on factors such jnterline differences in colour and normal manufacturing tolerances. Should there be any discrepancies between this document and the version of the Technical Data Sheet that appears on the website, then the version on the website will take precedence.

Subscribe Free Magazine eNewsletter. Frequency of cleaning will depend upon amount sprayed, temperature and elapsed time, including any delays.


International Interline – Rawlins Paints

This educational event includes the Powder Coating Wo…. Proper ventilation must be provided during application and afterwards during curing refer to product datasheets for typical curing times to ensure safe limits and interkine fires and explosions.

This product contains liquid epoxies and modified polyamines and may cause skin sensitisation if not used correctly. LORD Corporation manufacturing company is raising prices based on changing market conditions. Low trade prices Our best trade prices on everything! The climatic conditions within the tank must be controlled as recommended in the Interline Application Guidelines.

Send us your question. All advice given or statements made about the product whether in this data sheet or otherwise is correct to the best of our knowledge but we have no control over the quality knterline the condition of the substrate or the many factors affecting the use and application of the product.

Therefore, unless we specifically agree in writing to do so, we do not accept any liability at all for the performance of the product or for subject to the maximum extent permitted by law any loss or damage arising out of the use of the product. Store in dry, shaded conditions away from sources of heat and ignition.

Interline is a solvent free high viscosity material and can be applied by standard airless spray equipment.

All deficiencies and defects should be corrected. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Abstract model for GLS I would like to hear about offers and services: Interline Ceilcote M to be used as a sealer for concrete application Interline should only be topcoated with itself, and should never be overcoated with another product.


Heavily pitted areas should be stripe coated by interoine, to ensure good “wetting” of the surface.

Orion Iterline Carbons interlnie implement a 1. More than architects an…. If you do not fully understand these warnings and instructions or if you cannot strictly comply with them, do not use the product and consult International Protective Coatings. Cookies help us to provide you with an excellent service. Contact International Protective Coatings for more details. Coverage rates quoted are approximate, you agree that coverage depends on the condition of the substrate, surface absorption, texture and application method.

AkzoNobeI’s Interline 975P provides a Solvent-Free Solution

Thickness is dependent upon application method and specification. It is the user’s responsibility to check with their local representative that this data sheet is current prior to using the product. Once units of paint have been mixed they should not be resealed and it is advised that after prolonged stoppages work recommences with freshly mixed units. Consult International Protective Coatings to confirm that Interline is suitable for contact with the product to be stored.

After the last coat has cured hard, the coating system dry interlinne thickness should be measured using a suitable interpine magnetic gauge to verify the average total applied system thickness.