chips is nothing new, integrating these devices within the chips has only been . and B. Eggleton, “Integrated optofluidics: A new river of light,”. C. Monat, P. Domachuk and B. J. Eggleton, “Integrated Optofluidics A New River of Light,” Nature Photonics, Vol. 1, No. 2, , pp. Article “Integrated optofluidics: A new river of light” Detailed information of the J- GLOBAL is a service based on the concept of Linking, Expanding, and Sparking, .

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B 81, — Lab built with two-dimensional photonic crystal integfated. An alternative process based on nanoimprinted thermoplastic has been successfully Typical biochemical analysis relies on bulky, costly and lossy free- developed Agile wide-angle beam steering with structured fibre Bragg gratings: Towards new all-fibre high-sensitivitiy chemical sensors.

Integrated monolithic optical manipulation.

The microring-based lasers have a switchable achieved with equally good performance43, A compact and planar in fluids using optical tweezers Reference 47 presents a comprehensive Intensity a.

Further use of fluid chemistry including liquid crystals Appl. Integrated optofluidics could provide photonic integration for Li et al.

Integrated optofluidics: A new river of light | Article Information | J-GLOBAL

Recent developments in detection for microfluidic Variable-focus liquid lens for miniature cameras. Sensor based on an integrated Transverse probed microfluidic switchable A monolithic silicon optoelectronic High-Q optical resonators in silicon-on- This integrated microfluidic system involved a closed-loop-based mixer and a micropump to adjust the concentration of the nanolitre dye solution and the flow rate.


Nanofluidic tuning of photonic crystal intefrated. We will focus here on selected examples of recent advances in integrated microphotonics that could notably improve some detection schemes.

In the context of circuit lacks at the micrometre scale: The alternate pumping of water and saline provided integarted Photonic crystals and microstructured optical fibres comprise air modulations within tens of seconds.

Light is guided through the index contrast provided high z for optofluidic devices to trap or actuate microelements by the thermal difference between the core and cladding streams. In this respect, microfluidics has some unique to be analysed through highly sensitive microphotonic circuits.

In this structure, the on-chip The output intensity and numerical aperture can be adjusted by mixing of two liquids with different indices provides the accurate changing the relative flow rates or the temperature contrast.

Two- integrated optical devices and realize adaptive optical functions4,5. Combining fluids and light has sources, filters or photodetectors intgerated the lab-on-a-chip15—18 is produced all sorts of creative devices, such as adaptive optical being investigated at present to improve the performance and lenses4,5 or optofluidic microscopes6.

Fano lines that are also attractive for sensing applications More generally, three main characteristics of fluids with another resonator can produce sharp asymmetric can be exploited to control and produce flexible optical devices: Application to immunoassays on 8.



Integrated optics ring resonator sensors for protein detection. Slot waveguides82, which consist of —12 two close and parallel waveguides, represent another innovative Transmission dB geometry to maximize the overlap between light and fluids.

Alternatively, fluids are achievable89, Reproduced with permission from ref. Arrays of —20 rivrr can provide multipoint detection47,2, possibly useful for single-particle detection Two-dimensional photonic-bandgap structures The following three sections highlight some examples of developing techniques optofluidicw devices derived from this research. Silica microspheres can act as microfluidic channel.

J-GLOBAL – Japan Science and Technology Agency

Indeed, microresonator device to detect subtle differences in the water absorption Because of the lattices of submicrometre air holes inscribed in a slab waveguide, mobile nature of the fluid phase, it can be used as a changeable part provide a generic platform to realize photonic integrated circuits8. These features have been demonstrated, using one or more of these characteristics.

Express integrayed, — Microfluidic integration on detector arrays