IC 74LS147 PDF

How to check if ic 74ls is working properly? I have this IC. After reading the datasheet, i gave the input corresponding to the truth table. 74LS line TO 4-line AND 8-line TO 3-line Priority Encoders. ‘ BQ Single-chip Charge AND System Power-path Management IC (bqtiny). Buy 74LS Priority Encoder online at low cost in India from DNA Technology. Supplier for sensors, microcontrollers, analog & Digital IC’s, wireless modules.

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I have this IC.

IC 74LS147/74147 DIP16

After reading the datasheet, i gave the input corresponding to the truth table. However, I am not able to get the desired output. I just want to test weather the IC is giving proper output. Check Working of IC 74LS If you have a logic analyzer, lc it to all the inputs and outputs and you should be able to see it in operation. Otherwise, your only option is to remove it from circuit and build a test rig for it. For simple logic functioning, use LEDs with Ohm series resistors from each output to ground and tie all the inputs low with Ohm resistors.


If you want to do dynamic or parametric testing, you need a signal source and oscilloscope capable of resolving the rise and fall times of all 74lls147 signals and delays between them. It’s better to share your questions and answers on Edaboard so we can all benefit from each others experiences. Like If I just connect connect them to ground without resistors?

In this case, current will be high through IC. Will it effect the working of IC? Check Working of IC 74LS Grounding the inputs will not 74l1s47 excessive current, it’s how they are supposed to work. The inputs will default to high state all ‘1’ if you don’t pull them down but that makes the binary conversion harder to follow and also makes it prone to picking up noise.

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