French novelist Michel Houellebecq has acquired celebrity status in France and, increasingly, abroad as a well-established literary shock jock. Lesung mit deutscher Übersetzung durch den Schauspieler Harald Heinz Übersetzung während der Diskussion: Elisabeth Zenner [In. Plateforme by Michel Houellebecq, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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And he deserves congrats, it needs courage and some times audacity to stamp all these to the paper and offer it to a reader.

Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. So anyway, sexual pleasure is presented as the ideal here, almost, certainly to the characters who draft marketing taglines like “Pleasure is a right.

I was platefomre fond of the houellebedq rating system, whic Accepting dubious recommendations from the narrator of The Marbled Swarmwho perused a few pages of this in order to be able to appear to to have read it in conversation. It is, again, the exotic East where the West finds its own self! If anyone is able to repeat this experiment using a better methodology, please let me know what you discover!

Michel Houellebecq is the first French novelist since Albert Camus to find a wide readership outside France. View all 5 comments.

We are the ones that put food to their tables and so on. Plateformeon the other hand, appears to be more a micro-economic analysis; it focuses on the individual decisions made by the sexual consumer, and how the aggregate of these many micro-decisions together build up the overall sexual-economic structure.


La carte et le territoire Prix Goncourt Say more outrageous things amid the orgasmic din of double penetration and flood of semenic spurts. He includes references to many great works of literature which I wish I had the time to read.

The love here, though we’re to take its loss as devastating, seems more like a sort of warm fellow-feeling that bubbles up in between bouts of fucking. On the other hand, you have several billion people who have nothing, who starve, who die young, who live in conditions unfit for human habitation and who have nothing left to sell except their bodies plaeforme their unspoiled sexuality”.

However, no one is prepared for the dangers houfllebecq corporate greed and religious extremism that follow, and the consequences cause everything to spin wildly out of control. A grown man, Houellebecq reads like an adolescent.

Plateforme : Michel Houellebecq :

View all 4 comments. The women are all exceptionally attractive and skilled, and everyone is always in top form. Or, if he’s an asshole, he’s one with talents, and possible uses. Even her nasty end cannot give her reality. So the two guys do the two girls and I must admit I lolled at this: It’s glossy, performative and joyless.

Valerie got up, walked towards her, and held out her hands. Here is a brief, houellbeecq page of narrative. Hoyellebecq details Format Paperback pages Dimensions First, everyone else seems to have read it in English, and I do get the impression from Choupette’s comments that the English translation is poor.

The sum of private parts

Now, rationalization commands us to adopt some ridiculous beliefs sometimes, like we may very well be doing them a favor. Are Michel Houellebecq and Haruki Murakami birds of a feather? He uses a lot of details which may seem uninteresting or boring to someone. Houellebecq was charged for inciting racial and religious hatred after describing Islam as “stupid”, but the charges were ultimately dismissed.


Yes, the sex scenes are purely pornographic, but is it really any wonder? There the natives have nothing except their extremely attractive bodies.

We get to see a couple of Michel’s encounters with Thai massage girls; these scenes were nicely done, and came across as credible.

Porca vacca, che pugnalata! He can be unhappy if he wants, but why? I found their reactions to the new experience of Asia, their preconceived notions about culture and people being subjected to satire.

See 1 question about Platform…. Men live alongside one another like cattle; it is a miracle if once in a while they manage to share a bottle of booze.

He’s not stupid, but I don’t like him. Ja in welcher Zeit ist denn dieser Methusalix von Autor aufgewachsen? It is an act so common in the contemporary world that an industry has been developed for it. Any potential readers should be advised that there is a lot of “strong” language and sexually explicit scenes; however, I don’t find them gratuitous, as they are there to illustrate the particular predicament of an antisocial adult and his cohort.