Having My Baby [Theresa Ragan, Sarah Drew] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Growing up, Jill Garrison never daydreamed about . T.R. Ragan (Theresa Ragan) is an American author who writes in multiple genres: Determined to realize her lifelong dream of having a baby, Jill spends years. Written by Theresa Ragan, narrated by Sarah Drew. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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And the most agreeable of all, is that i actually felt my entire body tingle and my hands nearly numb, coz it jus happens rarely, and when it happens, i totally know Im reading one of the best.

Losing Leah Holloway By: I’m not really too keen on story lines where the hero and heroine are in love with other people. Uzumaki 3-in-1, Deluxe Edition Includes vols. They had humor, they had manners and above all they behaved liked therea. The story itself wasn’t so bad, predictable but sometimes I’m in the mood for a romance like this one. Now she’s everything to me. Sometimes you can’t judge a book by it’s description and you need to open yourself up to the ridiculous, gagan you might miss out on something good and this was good.

I really reallly liked this book.

Having My Baby by Theresa Ragan (2012, Paperback)

She freaks out about everythin I can’t believe I managed to finish this. It was all too much. El libro fue realmente dulce, tierno y calido. But havinf my baby” was really hard to finish. So that is where our players stand as the curtain rises.

Later, he gets a letter stating that a recipient has chose his sperm. So I know it might be a little harsh but I think that the only thing I like about this book is that it’s short so I didn’t waste too much time reading it.


Housekeeper for a stunningly handsome, male-model billionaire? The only reason I continued listening was because I paid for the book. Cute Love bab no surprisesIn the Plot Narrator was pretty good. Susan Gable Narrated by: Show More Show Less.

Charming Greg Hawkins, a comic book artist and art therapist, insists he can coax Ryan into speaking again, enabling the boy to reveal what he saw the night of his mother’s death at his father’s hands. View all 7 comments. Sorry, that person’s shelf is private. At one time, Lizzy is faced with a case owing to the disappearance of Carol Fullerton havibg daughter of Ruth Fullerton. Liam King looks like he stepped out of a GQ magazine, and the way he undresses me with his eyes should be illegal.

It follows a seventeen year old Lizzy Gardener whose boyfriend has been abducted by a serial killer after a romantic evening with her.

Having My Baby Audiobook | Theresa Ragan |

Being such a proper lady, following every commands of eagan parents really got to me and also derrick with being confused on his feelings. From there, the story blossoms into a full-blown emotional whirlwind filled with discovery, fun, laughter, tears, family ties-that-bind as well as the family feuds, adorable characters both young and oldand love, love, love!

She freaks out about everything and she is an ungrateful bitch alot of the time. After twenty years, and just as Carols case is about to start, Lizzy is faced with another case. For years, Deanna’s eccentric grandmother has been trying to rqgan her off to a rich man, and she’s finally managed to do it.

Having My Baby

Without a career – or the cash to start over – Brian’s options are few, until Army general Augustus Reed steps in with an intriguing new mission – a permanent one. And she keeps her appointment with Cryocorp. However, with this book, she was out of her element. Stepping off the train in Sweetwater Springs, Montana, Elizabeth Hamilton is filled with relief, nerves, and the thrill of hope. In a lot of ways the heroine was a weak woman but in other ways, she was strong to put her pride away and give the hero a chance at being a father.


I loved this love but I would have liked to have seen it left more open end so we could read more from the Baylors. La historia es entretenida y un tanto diferente, a pesar de tener una trama bastante comun, pero senti que hubiera sido mejor si raagan sido mas corto. I wanted to like the book. It was so far up he couldn’t realize his “TRUE” feelings until his sister-in-law gave him bagy he “thought” he wanted, namely herself.

Any authors or characters we’re missing that we should add? What would motivate a woman with a beautiful family thfresa a successful career to resort to such unspeakable extremes? He finds that one specimen has been used and he searches out the woman that is having his baby. The mother was going through some terminal illness due to stress not knowing the whereabouts of her daughter. Hhaving decides that he wants to involved and must find a way to convince Theresw.

Es un libro muy facil de leer, es simple a pesar de que el tema que toca puede parecer rebuscado, el libro no lo es para nada, nos habla del amor, del que buscamos y del que aparece sin querer, de la familia con lo bueno y lo malo y de la amistad. One of my favourite series is the Brilliance Saga by Marcus Bagy and it is our featured series of the month.

therewa The baby she’s carrying is hers and hers alone. That was an interesting twist to a romance novel. But if she thought he would forget her, she was dead wrong.