3 quotes have been tagged as sputnik-ljubav: Haruki Murakami: ‘Pa, kakvo to iskustvo može da ima pisac bez strasti? To ti je kao kuvar bez apetita.’, Har. Sputnik Sweetheart has ratings and reviews. Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami The Wind-Up Bird. da ima pisac bez strasti? To ti je kao kuvar bez apetita.” ― Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart. tags: haruki-murakami, sputnik-ljubav, sputnik-sweetheart.

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It can tell a simple story about love, the impossibility, and finally the possibility of its existence. I have an important announcement: Confused by her reaction to Miu, Sumire turns to K, her college friend who harbours his own secret love for Sumire. Feb 20, K. Around the Year i I closed the book and looked up thinking of K and the phone rang. May 01, Katarina rated it it was amazing. He soon gets a surprising call from Miu, who asks him to fly to Greece and mentions that something has happened to Sumire.

I’ll admit it; I don’t really know what Sputnik Sweetheart is about. Or another tragic incident will happen that will change there life? This kind of things doesn’t seem to bother most people. She thinks of herself as a lesbian after she met Miu. I realised not long ago that I always refer to Haruki Murakami as my favourite author when I have actually only read a few of his books.

Are the events K relates real or a dream? View all 5 comments. Maybe even open our hearts to each other. I might hate that now Thematically not dissimilar from Wind-up Birdthis short novel revels in questions of identity, conscious vs. But when I talk about myself, all sorts of other factors – values, standards, my own limitations as an observer – make me, the narrator, select and eliminate things about me, the narratee. Bizzare things happen when the two women the younger is the personal assistant of the older go overseas for business and end up extending their stay on a Greek Island.


Haruki Murakami’s book seems different from other books I’ve read! Was the Earth put here just to nourish human loneliness? His work has been described as ‘easily accessible, yet haruii complex’.

Sputnik Sweetheart Quotes by Haruki Murakami(page 7 of 12)

He meets Miu for the first time, and she tells him that Sumire has vanished without a trace. It was very good, and baruki weird. Her dream is to become a novelist, she loves reading novels and tries her best to write about her life in better way, but she stops writing when she starts working with “Miu”, she has feelings for “Miu” from the first time she met her at Sumire’s cousin wedding.

Anyone who enjoys Murakami’s special brand of genius. In contrary, it was an easy read for me, hours is enough to enjoy his bold and exhilarating writing. This is a little novel that is read in a match and Murakami’s trick to grab the reader is to reconcile the simplicity of writing with ljybav thickness of the characters.

That’s one problem that I do have with Murakami. View all 3 comments. Then “Sumire” disappears, like Smoke!!

Sputnik Sweetheart Quotes Showing of He smiled and murmured with his friends in the counter about me. I find sputnok this is an advantage, as he never tires his readers, but leaves them with a set of impressions that linger long after the story is finished. Will they ever find the right person to be loved and cared?

Sputnik Ljubav Quotes

After dropping Carrot at his mother’s house, K tells her that he cannot see her anymore. The salesman asked me if I owned the book and I said yes. Trivia About Sputnik Sweetheart. The book is lean and packed with Murakami-style mystery—that is, both mystery in the detective sense and mystery in something closer to a Pauline sense, a revelation that is baffling to those who don’t get it and uncanny to those who do.


The narrator, a year old teacher, K is in love with a year old lesbian writer, Sumire. Fosse qual fosse o destino que a vida lhe reservava, tudo o que queria era ser romancista.

This is the first time she has ever been sexually drawn to anybody.

A book doesn’t need to be complicated or long, or have many characters, to be a masterpiece. When the orbits of these two satellites of ours happened to cross paths, we could be together. I mean, they were great books but still. Ssputnik to Read Currently Reading Read. In the world of K, Sumire, and Miu, sex is often mistaken for love.

Sputnik Sweetheart

I’m not entirely sure that my favorite remembered things about Sputnik Sweetheart were actually in this particular harukii. Kthe narrator of the story, tells the journey of Sumirea 22 year old woman who, who lost in the island of Greek and fall in love to a woman 17 years senior to her, Miua mysterious woman that Sumire met at her nephew’s wedding and started to talk about literature and the Beatnik, which she heard mistakenly as Sputnik.

He finds Sumire’s computer and a floppy disk that contains two documents, named simply “Document 1” and “Document 2”. When Miu travels with Sumire for work, they go to many countries in Europe and end in Greece in a small island for vacation, Miu tells her about what happened to her 14 years ago in the Ferris wheel in a hxruki town in Switzerland near the French border. Each is either a victim of unrequited love or incapable of being in love.

Kerouac spoke out against this detour from his original concept.