Contents[show] About In Patapon 3, instead of having many kinds of units like previous games, you have the four basic Units, known as Ton, Chin and Kan and, . All Patapon 3 Sutras or Summons. All Patapon 3 Sutras o Guia Patapon 2 – Como 31 KB. HD Mortal .. 23 KB. Patapon 3 – Feel the Beat, Destroy Your Foes. All of these rarepons are what the lvl 5 rarepons look like in Patapon 2. Coincidentally, Patapon 3 displays their heroes in lvl 5 rarepon form in tip cards.

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Since ancient times, the valiant Patapon duels have been conducted in this arena. March and Jump Practice [Free] Suggested: Ultimate Dragon Kacchindonga [Rare] Suggested: Can equip twinhorns at Level He is faster than Wondabarappa, but deals less damage. A majestic mountain towering above aptapon clouds overlooks the training grounds for new Patapons.

Contents [ show ]. Total Ultrasonic Air Defense! He is in the form of a Nyontama Rarepon.

Taterazay unlocks Tondenga at Lvl. He is a close combat Patapon with good damage and defense. I like what you guys are up too.


He is a Chigyobi rarepon Yaripon. The ChakaChaka song doesn’t give him a defensive boost, but status effects don’t affect him.

Patapon 1 Rarepons

He is also the most important Patapon in your army, given ability to lead the army. Archfiend of Justice [Once] Suggested: But it is possible to very easily find a reasonable rate of interest by comparing the money quotes. Hey there are using WordPress for your site platform?

He is the flag bearer, and functions to hold the army together and leads them but doesn’t attack himself. Since ancient times, proud Patapons have fought duels in this arena, and only those who employed territorial tactics have arisen guix.

Weak when not in Fever Mode, but he is a safe player. If you wish for to get much from this paragraph then you have to apply these techniques to your won webpage.

Patapon 3 FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PSP – GameFAQs

Contents [ show ]. Ancient giants of ten appear on the stretch of wasteland outside the rocky cliff of the hideout. I am new to developing sites and I was wondering if having your site title related to your content really that vital? Taterazay is a Tatepon Uberhero introduced in the beginning of Patapon 3 demo as one of the three main Uberheroes. Centura of the Mist [Rare] Suggested: You unlock Tondenga when you upgrade Taterazay orange masked Taterazay Uberhero to level 3.


He wears a mask like in the previous game, although it changes depending on the class you choose at the beginning of the game. Mobile Biofortress Ganodias [Free] Suggested: He is a Mofu Rarepon.

Whenever he goes into hero mode he summons a tree. Would you think this is a good idea or bad idea? He is the symbol of the Patapon 3 game.

Patapon 3 Missions

Below the Tomb of Tolerance lies the Depths of Jelousy, a realm strictly off limits to solo adventurers. In Patapon 3instead of having many kinds of units like previous games, you have the four basic Units, known as Ton, Chin and Kan and, of course, your Uberhero. He also has a special class ability that allows him to summon thunder with his attacks after he performs a charge as many as all.