In this study, the process, weld combinations, laser-CMT hybrid welding and on short-circuiting transfer process developed by Fronius of Austria in

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If fronisu Ordering Party omits to make this immediate notification, it may no longer assert any warranty claims or claims for compensatory damages on account either of the defect itself or of any misapprehension as to whether the delivery or service was free of defects. The Fronius CMT Cold Metal Transfer welding process allows users to achieve optimum results when joining different materials, for example steel and aluminium.

Fronius International GmbH fnyrf sebavhf. This system, which is specially designed for the requirements of robotic welding, can now be equipped with the extremely stable Cold Metal Transfer CMT welding process using a new additional package. Where appropriately substantiated, we can also claim compensation for any damage over and above this amount.

Any liability for damage caused by the installation or use of third-party components or replacement parts with our delivery items, which have not been verifiably and expressly recommended by us, shall be excluded.

Our legal expenses froonius in connection with the enforcement of our title are to be borne by the Ordering Party. The arc length is detected and adjusted mechanically.

The items, parts or components thus exchanged shall become our property. The intelligent, modular system consists of interconnected and fully synchronised components and is specially designed to meet the demands of robot-assisted welding.

They are ex-works prices EXWexclusive of packaging, insurance, loading at the factory and value-added frnius the packaging will not be taken back. We shall not refund the costs for any actual or attempted remedying of a defect by the Ordering Party or by any third party.

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The warranty period shall start to elapse upon the passage of risk in accordance with Point 6. With the present contract only the authorization to use the software is acquired. Excepted here from are previously installed software and third-party software products. If, however, the remainder of the warranty period — including that part ct the period during which our warranty is limited to free provision of the requisite materials in accordance with Point 8.

We retain the right to effect modifications for engineering reasons.

CMT Advanced – high deposition rate and stability

Are you already using a CMT welding system from Fronius? The same shall also apply to part-deliveries or in cases where c,t have undertaken to bear the shipping charges or to perform delivery, setting-up, assembly, installation or other similar services.


During the negatively poled phase, the welding process achieves a higher deposition rate and improved gap-bridging ability, whereas the positive cycles are marked xmt targeted heat input and exact droplet transfer. The Ordering Party may only use the software simultaneously on one device, which one is his decision. CMT welding is ideal for joining steel and aluminium, as the galvanised steel plate is wetted by this braze-welded joint, while the froniuw melts. The warranty period is not prolonged by the exchange of the item or of parts or components belonging to the item.

Requirement for any warranty is usage according to contract. The country currently selected is Fronius International. Cjt think you are located in a different country The country currently selected is Fronius International. Incorporating highly flexible development and production strategies, the company provides solutions for vehicle parts, components, modules and entire vehicles. This modified CMT welding process is especially suited to applications that require an excellent weld seam appearance.

The Ordering Party must always prove that defects coming to light during the warranty period were already present at the time of the passage of risk. The digital process control detects a short circuit and then helps to detach the droplet by retracting the wire: Insofar as applicable provisions may be found to be missing therefrom, the General Terms of Delivery of the Austrian Electrical and Electronic Industries shall apply in a subsidiary manner; in all other regards, Austrian laws and regulations shall apply.

Cmf the ccmt reversal takes place in the short-circuit phase, this joining process ensures the high stability to be expected of cold welding.

CMT Pin Froniuz detachable or permanent joints between metal and plastic. This period limitation also applies to the supply of items deemed to be immovable and to work on items which are, or are deemed to be, immovable.

This results in an extremely stable arc and much less spatter even at high welding speeds. Would you like to stay on this page or do you want to switch to the local website? Passage of risk 6. No other manner of disposition whatever is permitted to the Ordering Party. In the event of availability of a new software version the Ordering Party shall be entitled to exchange the supplied software package for a similar software package of the new version at our listed update price; the exchange implies the cronius package as a whole, as it was acquired by the Ordering Party.


The Ordering Party shall have the right to use the software after payment of the agreed sum exclusively for his own purposes in accordance with the acquired number of licences.

Acceptance of the order; supplementary agreements Acceptance of an order, and any undertakings frronius supplementary agreements made by our employees, as well as amendments and alterations of any kind, shall not be binding upon us until we have issued written confirmation by letter, telefax or e-mail. CMT Advanced Pulse makes it froniuss to join high-strength steels with a sufficiently high deposition rate yet with low heat input.

Furthermore, the CMT welding process is also suited to the virtually spatter-free brazing of hot-galvanised and electrolytically galvanised sheets with a welding wire made from a copper-silicon alloy. Usage of the fronjus shall constitute any long-term or even any temporary duplication copying of the software, whether in whole or also only in part, by saving, loading, running or displaying for the purpose of execution of the software and processing of the data contained therein by the hardware.

CMT Outstanding results on all materials with an extremely stable arc. If this also proves to be unusable or defect and if we are not in a position to make it usable with adequate effort within an adequate time, but at least within a period of four weeks, the Ordering Party may demand a price reduction or a change.

From the beginning of the 13th month of this period, however, our warranty shall be limited to making available, free of charge, the items needed for remedying the defects; from this time onwards, any warranty claims going beyond the above shall be inadmissible. The froniuw process is based on a combination arc with positively and negatively poled CMT cycles. Furthermore, claims of this type may only be enforced at law if asserted within six months of the damage fdonius question becoming known.

Any works needing to be carried out by the Ordering Party preparatory to installation, rronius.

This not only dramatically reduces the investment costs, but also the wearing part costs.