Fostex MR MR-8, Digital Multrack-studio from Fostex. 10 user reviews · avg used price: $99 Warning, this average price is older than 6 months. Find great deals for Fostex Mr-8 Digital Multitracker 8 Track Recorder With Mastering Effects. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Fostex MR-8 8 tracks of ultra-friendly digital at a cassette-recorder price. By Reg Hamilton. I had begun to think there was something inherent in the nature of.

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Six double-As in the back and it’s a free-roaming machine. I acquired this unit so that I could record different parts of the songs that I write in order to write new parts over them. At the same time, it provided ffostex of the functions that I had been searching for in a recording unit.

XLR output without phantom power supplyoutput jack instruments, micro Intgr many effet. Then with the touch of another button you can turn tracks 7 and 8 into a stereo WAV file ready for export to a computer. Log in Become a member. Dosent have a whole lot of effects built in, but it does have a usb connector so i just take the files off there and add effects with cooledit.


The result is that I grow shy of the recorder altogether. This web site uses cookies to deliver the best vostex browsing experience for our visitors. I generally only get involved in recording when I’ve written a new song, and that doesn’t happen every week.

Ultra-portable – the ultimate record anywhere multitracker. Well built and portable. This unit is fostexx for rough mixes. Our members also liked: Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

Fostex continue to develop quality products for Professionals and Hifi enthusiasts. Each of the channel faders has its own effect send and pan knobs. If you dont have that option you will definately need a bigger flash card.

The uncompressed spring “nickel” and mastering effects give a “EHJV” extraordinary piece. I suggest you buy a preamp that will fit well with the beast rev. A new dial knob for menu selection. In Detail 8-track recording onto CompactFlash Card.

Bought to do some simple home recording including drums, keyboards, bass, guitar and vocals. The one thing that I don’t really like about the unit foste the way that memory is stored.

All user reviews for the Fostex MR-8

The ultimate record-anywhere multitrack. Been trying to get ahold of someone at fostex to get replacement buttons but no luck yet Its a really easy to use digital 8 track, even though its more like a digital 6 track casue 4 of the channels are fosrex into 2 dedicated mixdown channels, you can still record on them only on the left or right channell, if you want stero you take up two tracks, other then that a great piece of euipment. The MR-8 has put an end to that once and for all.


You seem to have Javascript disabled. But those clever guys at Fostex, have predictably gone a little further by making the MR-8 the easiest to use digital multitrack ever.

MR-8 MkII : 8-Track Digital Multitracker

If you continue using this website, we will assume that you are happy about that. Not satisfied with those reviews? Also, there is really no way to have two different effects. The effects arent the best but you can use them just to play around with new stuff and give ideas for new material. I must say that I only use it for recording, the rest is done ffostex the PC.

Because of this, I was forced to settle for less.