One would think that since PDF’s are created in FM Go Document manager, that it could be easy to either append to the PDF OR place the file. My users would like to make their multi-page pdf report on their iPad and send it by mail. In filemaker go it is not possible to append a pdf. Has. This is problem number 2 I’ve found with PDF files in GO 16 1) Can’t open PDF saved to the ‘desktop’ using a script/step 2) Can’t append to an.

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If I can find v4. Script can be found here http: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. If you have any thoughts on it working with v4. If you could let me know, one way or another, that would be great.

Thing is, the prototype works. It still does not seem to work with SM v4. None of the prototypes were. Update — The prototype now includes ScriptMaster v4. This way, I my database works as well on windows as on mac. It is suspect a path problem. The fjlemaker platform Windows or Mac 3.


The application architecture Windows or bit. Please provide me with more information i am a total beginner at this and desperately need this function for my system as well Thanks so much. The Append option does not work for PDFs that are stored in containers. It seems that once a parentRecord. Yes, recent version s of ScriptMaster appear to break the prototype. On my work database I made an opening script that detects OS platform and sets up a global variable that defines a path which will be used on the computer.

Hi, Very nice job! The append option is not supported on Go.

Re: Does Append to PDF work with FileMaker Go

And i should add — I also added this line as the other forum suggested too same variable: So, I searched and discovered Scriptmaster, plus a custom jar library, which I think is called itext. Sign up using Email and Password. I have a script that exports two layouts to pdf and appends them to an attached email. Here is the final file: It shloud be a command in the groovy code to close those 2 files.

Email Required, but never shown. Does anyone know how to fix this? There are lines that need to be commented out in order for it to work. Again — thank you filemaoer much!! I am currently using a TemporaryPath variable which works fine on the mac. Scroll down for new protytype.


Great solution for our needs! Really appreciate your knowledge and support. The application architecture Windows or bit Unfortunately, this latest version of the prototype was not tested on Windows.

Thanks so much for sharing this. Unfortunately, this latest version of the prototype was not tested on Windows.

It works perfect on my Mac, but only shows the last pdf I am trying to append on the ipad. And i should add — I also added this line as the other forum suggested too same variable:. Or maybe it was the prototype.

Update — The prototype broke when ScriptMaster was updated. The sample file combines PDF files that are stored in containers. Any updates to this great solution? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I updated the prototype. Actually the problem is different that the one I was suggesting.

Monkeybread Software – MBS FileMaker Plugin: e

The presence of v4. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Others have commented that not all my script steps are necessary.