Ericsson AB | A | Figure -X. What does OSS Training Provide? › It allows to build and maintain competence for customers in OSS-RC, ENIQ ST and ENIQ. What is ENIQ? Ericsson Network IQ (ENIQ) Is a multi-vendor and multi- technology data mining and reporting system to measure network capabilities ( KPIs). The following WCDMA RAN analysis features are part of the Ericsson product portfolio: • ENIQ, Ericsson Network IQ • RES, Radio Environment Statistics.

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It will also demonstrate some of the most common pitfalls in migrating your reports, in order to retain as much backward compatibility as possible.

This includes fault management, network management, hardware and software management of the IS infrastructure. It indicates how many samples have been read, and added to the related accumulator counter.

The counter does not consider whether eriicsson excluding frames that are not decoded due to lack of hardware to not the transmitted data originates from an MC-PQ. The students solve the tasks on a training system, using the on-line documentation. F Commercial in Confidence 37 Email: On a daily basis must you respond to demands for information on the status of the network, network trends and optimization?

Duration and class size The length of the course is 1 day and the maximum number of participants is Prerequisites As this is an overview that is aimed at people working in both technical and non technical roles there are no course prerequisites. However, any major changes with erlcsson impact that were introduced in the later releases of R6 will also be covered ie: The ROP file is fetched every 15 minutes. Get edicsson plugin now.


The of this counter. This course is intended for users who are new to ENIQ, but are familiar with performance management. Time schedule The time required always depends on the knowledge of the attending participants and the hours stated below can be used as estimate.

Learning situation The course is based on instructor-led lessons, demonstrations and hands-on exercises. If you are starting working in different areas of GSM system and need a general concept this is the course you were looking for. Duration and class size The length of the course is 4 days and the maximum number of participants is 16 Learning situation This course is reicsson on theoretical instructor-led lessons given in a classroom environment.

Recognize the BYB building practice on an overview level. Perform Hardware Configuration Setup multi-subrack connections Define blade systems and add blades to blade systems Describe the blade system startup procedure S, domain of the core network.

F Commercial in Confidence 33 Email: You can use PowerShow. Event Based Applications 8. Axiata Robi BD Prep: F Commercial in Confidence 25 Email: Define data in the Route Analysis table and check the result.

Prerequisites Successful completion of the following courses are recommended: A universe is a logical data model which provides end users with graphical presentation of measurement and reference data dimensions. General Performance Event Handling GPEH is an optional and most flexible recording feature allowing operators to freely create subscriptions on various system levels.


It describes the functionalities of ENIQ, how it brings value to your business, and ericason it differs from the previous solutions.

What is an ENIQ server and What is function?

Define routes and devices Connect and disconnect devices Modify Size Alteration Events on request from a work order 6 6. Zander, ‘Relation between base station characteristics To view this presentation, you’ll need to allow Flash. Duration and class size The length of the course is 7 days and the maximum number of participants is 8. Discuss the Job Structure and differentiate between the various components of a job such as ericssob and activities. Explain basic traffic cases in the Mobile Softswitch Solution.

– Ericsson

The course consists of chapters with both theoretical and practical sessions. Learning objectives The participants of the course will be able to choose from the following modules with the following objectives: Welcome to the Ericsson journey towards an Agile WoW! On completion of this course the participants will be able to: