In , Hasbro released the first Arcee toy that was a completely new sculpt in the Energon line. Energon is a line full of homages, and Arcee is a strong one. Energon Arcee – Image #1 of Energon Arcee – Image #2 of Energon Arcee – Image #3 of Energon Arcee – Image #4 of Energon Arcee – Image #5. Results 1 – 35 of 35 Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of Energon Arcee Transformers & Robot Action Figures. Find the perfect.

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All content sourced by fans, online websites, and or other fan community sources. March onlinemost likely April in stores Retailer: InHasbro released the first Arcee toy that was a completely new sculpt in the Energon line.

Some of the links to external sites posted on this site may automatically be converted to an affiliate link for which we may be compensated. Metallic crimson highlight her spokes, and dashboard as well as a couple spots where her robot feet are. This created a small window in the atmosphere for Prime and the Autobots to drop down to the surface below.

Having two weapons with a variety of ports allows for a lot of Energon weapon addition and even attaching Mini-Cons. This page was viewed 1 times on Monday, December 31st 1: And it never happened.

The legs are also very much “female”. They returned with more energon supplies during the next battle, but it had already concluded by the time they arrived.

Arcee is a motorcycle and a nice looking one at that. The whole process was rather cacophonous though, and Elita Seven had to cover her ears to behold the spectacle. While not capturing it completely, it seems to me that the original was in mind somewhere along the lines in her design process. Red Product Dimensions 7 x 6. Like her Omnicon brothers, Arcee comes with a number of Energon accessories and an Energon star. While observing a battle between the black Convoy and one of Megatron ‘s enerfonElita Seven waited for the aftermath and chastised the bad boy of the Convoy Aggregate for fighting dirty.


Arcee Energon From Transformers Wiki.

Arcee (Energon)

The helmet on her head, collar and elbows are all painted pink. Arcee’s feet are high heeled, which really just tops off the whole “female” aspect. The robot face has soft features with a very oval face that comes to a point at the chin, but the designers resisted the urge to give her big, puffy, pink lips. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Plenty if you’re afcee like Arcee is! It’s also worth noting that despite being a bit awkward with Arcee due to the figure’s size, the weapon is a great size for larger Transformers to use.

While she does look nice in robot mode, her articulation suffers slightly for her design, though not as badly as others. Detach the Energon weapons.

But to assure themselves a total victory, the Autobots still needed to find the correct spatial doorway for the Planicrons to emerge into three-dimensional space, so that they could supersede the now destroyed aggregate as multiversal defenders. This Attacktix item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

Write a customer review. As time progressed, the Alternity realized that Megatron’s forces had been repeatedly focusing their attacks on the yearand Elita Seven was teamed with Bumblebee to search the timelines for clues as to why.

The design of the weapon is nice. One thing others have commented on and I must agree with is that the designers did a very nice job in disguising her robot mode parts.


Arcee Energon Figure Review – Transformers News Reviews Movies Comics and Toys

With Arcee, energoh had an added concern: Transformation to Robot Mode: Though all individuals in the aggregate had survived, taking refuge in their respective Auto-Avatars, Elita Seven was was left deeply concerned; they no longer had access to the Alternity’s god-like abilities. In her case, Arcee comes with two side intakes, a missile, and two tail pipes. Fan made customs fueled rumors that Arcee was being made. After she and Kicker managed to breach his defenses, the Omnicons provided Unicron’s core with Energon starscalming down the dormant Chaos Bringer’s violent tendencies.

While investigating universal stream Primax AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Near the neck area is a slightly raised detail which resembles a collar.

Transformers Movie Exclusive Carded Arcee. Elita Seven’s team quickly deduced that the correct path for the Planicrons’ evolution was through the BT Worldand she set out with Bumblebee and Nemesis Prime to guide the Planicrons there.

Move the robot head up and forward. Her skills with an Energon bow are unmatched.

Warranty & Support

Customers who bought this item also bought. Arcee was forced to launch from high atmosphere in the middle of a battle with Kicker on her back in vehicle mode. There was a problem completing your request.

Move the robot legs down and straighten them out.

The hands are open palmed, with each digit etched in. This is gallery 45 out of a total of 4, galleries.