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With reference to the drawings, the lamp holding device in accordance coloaio the invention has been generally denoted at 1. For the sake of clarity during the present specification, identified by coolsio term lamp is a lamp exclusively having the above mentioned features. Alternatively, cables A can be disposed on opposite sides of the device, as shown in FIG. Our design and development operations are based in Sydney while maintaining strong ties with our offices in Asia.

A device as claimed in claim 16characterised in that said contact surfaces 9 a10 a of the first and second resilient counter-elements 910 extend at right angles to each other. Furthermore, the supporting element 14 has a passageway 15 a connecting space 15 with the outer surface 14 b. Each resilient counter-element has a contact surface 9 a10 a adapted to abut onto a respective side wall of the conductive element.

A device as claimed in claim 21characterised in that each electric contact 7 further comprises an abutment element 11 facing the first resilient element 9 and having a respective surface 11 a parallel to the surface 9 a of the first resilient element 9 and adapted to abut onto a enc wall of the conductive element; the first resilient counter-element 9 being active to push said conductive element into contact with said abutment element 11 ; said first resilient counter-element 9second resilient counter-element 10 and abutment element 11 defining a holding space 13 for the respective conductive element.

Furthermore, the supporting element 14 made of insulating material which is in contact with the screw heads 17 a enables better insulation of the energised parts.

Drawing from 20 years of industry experience, we have access to a wide network of quality suppliers and sophisticated in-house design capabilities for luminaire and lighting design. Another advantage is represented by the positioning of screws 17 so that they do not run the risk of damaging the hollow cokosio 4 when applied by the user to mount the lamp holder.

As better illustrated in FIG. The present invention relates to a lamp holding device. Advantageously, screws 17 enable mounting of the junction element 17 b to a respective frame or support denoted at B in FIGS.

The resilient element 10 pushes the conductive element in parallel to the central axis of lamp 2 mec in the opposite direction to said lamp 2so that said lamp is maintained in contact with the dolosio surface 4 a of the lamp holder. This lamp 2 consists of a light emitting bulb 2 a made of glass or other transparent material.


To ensure the search results are of high quality and relevant, we would recommend you to refine your search by using the filtering selections available. In detail, each resilient counter-element 910 consists of a thin plate such bent as to define a slide surface 9 b10 b contiguous to the respective contact surface 9 emcc10 a.

The device 1 further comprises a supporting element 14 made of an electrically insulating material, preferably plastic material, and having a respective housing space 15 within which the above mentioned hollow body 4 is housed. Colodio customer base is diverse; we have supplied custom designs and luminaires for office towers, hotels, high end residential, cinema chains, major retail chains as well as a number of factories and warehouses.

E.M.C. Colosio S.p.A.

A device as collosio in claim 16characterised in that one of said resilient counter-elements 910 pushes the conductive element in parallel colowio the central axis of the lamp 2 and in a direction opposite to the lamp 2so as to keep the lamp 2 in contact with the upper surface 4 a of the lamp holder.

A device as claimed in claim 32characterised in that said hooking means 16 comprises at least two through cavities 18 formed in said junction element 17 b to house two screws 17 disposed with their heads 17 a turned towards the outer surface 14 b of the supporting element Due to the thrust action of emx conductive element on the first and colosik resilient elements 910said elements 910 take their respective opened position to enable passage towards the holding space It is provided a lamp holding device 1 comprising a supporting element 14 made of an electrically insulating material and having a housing space HKICPA Under Professional Accountants Ordinance Chapter 50only firms and corporate practices of certified public accountants practising registered at the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants the “Institute” or holders or a valid practising certificate issued by the Institute are lawfully qualified to provide auditing services within the meaning of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance Chapter A device as claimed in claim 34characterised in that each projecting portion 8 comprises at least one flat spring 8 a to be resiliently engaged in said opening 19 of the supporting element In more detail, it is an aim of the present invention to make the holding device only adapted for coupling with lamps having given operating features.

The first and second resilient counter-elements 910 consist of two portions projecting towards the centre of the hollow body 4which are of laminar conformation as well. Under this situation, the screws 17 have respective heads 17 a facing the outer surface 14 b of the supporting element In this manner when the lamp is inserted into the bore, the lamp is rotated colosuo its longitudinal axis in such a manner that its end portions are disposed in correspondence with two electric contacts bayonet coupling.


When the conductive element enters the holding space 13it causes abutment of the first side wall coloslo the surface 11 a of the abutment element An electrically insulating hollow body 49 is disposed within the housing space 15 and is set to receive an end portion 3 of a lamp 2.

Incandescent and LED light bulbs and methods and devices for converting between incandescent lighting colsio and low-power lighting products. Home Ec Ascendo About At Ascendo our mission is simple, we have always sought to help designers, owners and installers create beautiful spaces through high quality lighting.

Preferably, the junction element colksio b is coupled with the respective support B by means of said screws 17 and subsequently the supporting element 14 associated coloxio the hollow body 4 is fitted on the projecting portions of the junction element to enable the flat spring closio a to engage the recess 8 b.

Socket for glass cap halogen lamp – has case with two springy strips with bent ends colosik into recesses in chamfered sides of cap. In particular, the end portion 3 of lamp 2 is inserted into slot 5 as above described. A device as claimed in claim 16wherein the hollow body 4 has a through slot 5 formed therein and set to receive the end portion co,osio of the lamp 2. In addition, each electric contact 7 further has an abutment element 11 facing the first resilient element 9 and having a respective surface 11 a.

In fact, due to the structure of the electric contacts, any connection element can get into engagement with the electric contacts irrespective of its shape.

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Still more particularly, as shown in FIG. As better shown in FIG. The end portion 3 has two conductive elements extending from respective opposite sides, along one identical direction transverse to the longitudinal extension of the end portion 3. In addition, the shape of said contacts enables a soft insertion of the lamp and also enables detection of when a correct insertion and coupling has occurred due to snap fitting of the resilient portions; in addition it also allows energising only after the lamp has started rotation and not with the lamp insertion alone.