E=mc2: A Biography of the World’s Most Famous Equation. David Bodanis, Author Walker & Company $25 (p) ISBN David Bodanis offers an easily grasped gloss on the equation. Not only did it trace the ancestry of E=mc2, but it provided the best biography of women in the. Praise. “This is not a physics book. It is a history of where the equation [E=mc2] came from and how it has changed the world. After a short.

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Some of the stories told in this book read like a novel. Daviv shrugged, but everyone else in the room — architects, two programmers, and even one historian my wife! From a scientific standpoint, the most memorable chapters were the one where Bodanis explains in subatomic detail exactly how the bomb dropped on Hiroshima wrought its horrific damage, and the one where he explains how the universe will end.

History has always been a constant thorn in my life. The format chosen is an interesting one.

Het leukste populair wetenschappelijke boeken dat ik ken. It may need editing to conform to Wikipedia’s neutral point of view policy. A very accessible introduction to the ideas behind the equation that everyone knows, but very few actually understand. If you made it this far down my review, you earned this confession: And some concepts are not easy, and some sophisticated reasoning is sometimes necessary to “get” a difficult theory.


See more book details 11 August This bovanis includes the history behind the theory proposed by Albert Einstein in his miracle year, Einstein would have had only a moderate knowledge.

E=mc²: A Biography of the World’s Most Famous Equation

Then it discusses some of the ramifications of his famous formula. But it happens to fit what this book has in it.

Science writer Bodanis makes it a lot more clear. However, how anyone could learn any physics from this book remains beyond my comprehension.

Mass, he writes, “is simply the ultimate type of condensed or concentrated energy,” whereas energy “is what billows out as an alternate form of mass under the right circumstances. A keen kickboxer, he is a regular at Paragon Gym in Shoreditch, London, where he trains with champion kickboxing brothers, John and Stuart Lawson. I only scored this book two stars to mark my displeasure with the overblown blurb on the cover, and the overly generous score on Goodreads.

Sir Isaac Newton was the first one to initiate research in the domain, which was later carried forward by the Faradays and the Rutherfords. To most readers they contain just a mass of odd diagrams — those little trains or rocketships or flashlights that are utterly mystifying. Are you wondering what BS am I talking? Many of which I had much more insight than what’s in the book. Recommended to Revol Koob by: Paperbackpages. Table Of Contents Preface Part 1: Jul 18, Anna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Perhaps one of the best reads that I have found describing the Nazi efforts to build the A-bomb and the Allied attempts to disrupt it.


It was a team work spread over a period of two and half centuries.

E=mc²: A Biography of the World’s Most Famous Equation by David Bodanis

Is ook in Nederlands. Bodanis begins by explaining each element of the equation. After a brief introduction to the time and place in which Einstein generated the paper which introduce the theory to the scientific world, Bodanis goes on to break down the equation and discuss each of its parts separately. I’ll say it – biographies are generally a bore, so you would think that a biography about a physics equation would be worse than televised Bingo.

One drawback to the scope here is that the book unintentionally reads like a series of articles. Any concept more difficult than this he is afraid to tackle, so most of what we get are broad generalizations, egregious simplifications, rough approximations, not-very-apt similes and repetitions.

He plots the course of the equation through the twentieth century, showing how our lives have been revolutionized by its applications; and looks far ahead to the future.