providing a window into the process. Rev: n/a. P/N: n/a. ECO: n/a. Dynisco 1/8 DIN Indicator. Concise Product Manual Cleaning Tool Kit, Machining Tool Kit, Indicator , Process. Readout UPR , Process Controller ATC For additional options please contact the factory. For additional options please consult factory. Accessories. Indicator , Process Readout UPR, Process Controller ATC,. Cleaning Tool Kit, Machining.

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PCD 03 Instruction Man ATV58E user manual in Quick Start Instructions 3 2.

Dynisco 1390 Indicator Series

Notes on Safety 8 4. Technical Data 9 5. CE-Declaration of Conformity 38 Slide mounting clips fully forward with the y side toward the front until base is secure in panel. Note power type is dependant on model number. If applicable, dynisxo alarm s. Note that alarm defaults are High, Reverse Acting. Press FUNC once, then use the buttons to modify the units.

Press FUNC to dynisci the decimal point. Enter with FUNC key. If your transducer was purchased in the US, it is preset at 10, psi, and no adjustment is necessary.

Press and hold FUNC until display returns to pressure reading. Secure the instrument in the case by pushing firmly in the bezel dyniaco it clicks into the retaining tabs. At this point, be sure that no pressure is applied and that the transducer is at operating temperature.

Using the Up arrow key, advance the legend to LO. Press the FUNC key to initialize zero calibration. After approximately 5 seconds, the legend. Press the FUNC key until, 1. HAr is displayed and alternates between alarm set-point. Use the up and down arrow keys to set the appropriate alarm set-point.

Press the FUNC key until, 2.

HAr is displayed and repeat for second alarm set-point. Press the FUNC key to return to pressure display. The system is now ready for use. It must be kept near the equipment in a readily and immediately accessible location at all times. The content of this manual must be read, understood and followed in its entirety.

This applies in particular to the notes on safety. Following the safety instructions will help to prevent accidents, defects and malfunctions.

dynisco 1390 3d models

A digital filter to reduce the effects of input variations on the display, analog output and alarms. Input interruption sensing to detect when a transducer or dyinsco one of its leads has been disconnected. A program lockout feature that disables the front keyboard to prevent unauthorized or accidental changes. A digital input that can be configured for either resetting the alrams or triggering hold on value. A digital display that provides operator prompts with messages to show dyniscco status or errors.


A compact, 48 mm x 96 mm 1. Warnings Electrical shock can result in death or serious injury. Avoid contact with the leads and terminals. High voltage that may be present on leads can cause electrical shock. Mounting and electrical connection of the PT and dynieco must be done by specialists with EMC training, following all applicable regulations.

Higher temperature can result in damage and malfunction. Do not install the indicator in places where this temperature is exceeded. Permanently Connected Equipment A disconnectable device must be fitted with one of the following items: For 24V the polarity is not important. It is the Users responsibility to provide an external fuse or circuit breaker.

Automatic 13990 of maximum and minimum measured value. The five digit, 0.

You can program the to display in various engineering units up to a Full Scale Value F. The span value, alarm set points and other constants are stored indefinitely in non-volatile memory. Easy-to-remember pushbutton sequences simplify transducer calibration routines.

Two independent SPDT alarm relays are a standard feature of the The dual high or low set points are easily programmed from the front keyboard and are displayed on the digital display. The low alarms can be set as low alarm masked to inhibit alarm action during start up. Relay contacts are provided to activate an annuciator or to initiate automatic shutdown if operating conditions exceed preset limits.

A dynnisco voltage to current retransmission output is available as an option. You can select a voltage output of 0 dynixco 5 Vdc or 0 – 10 Vdc or current outputs of 4 – 20 mA or 0 – 20 mA dynosco drive chart recorders or data acquisition equipment. The Model can also be dybisco with bidirectional and half duplex RS serial communications. All signals are optically isolated and the baud rate is adjustable between and baud.

Use only the original packaging.

▷ dynisco 3d models・grabcad

Protect against dust and moisture. If you notice an damage, notify the freight carrier immediately. Remove the unit from the instrument case.

By spreading the two tabs on the front panel, then grasp the bezel and pull. Slide the instrument case through the cutout. Slide the panel clips from the rear over the instrument case so that the snap-in elements of the mounting frame engage in the recesses on the sides.


Digital pressure indicator / for melt / process – PTE, PTE – Dynisco

Push clips toward the panel until firmly mounted. Slide the instrument from the front into the instrument case. Key items on the front panel are: The pushbutton functions are listed in the 190 below.

You must follow the pushbutton sequences exactly as described. The layout of the terminals, is depicted from the rear. C Alarm 2 C Alarm 1 N. A 13900 of all configurable parameters starts below. Press FUNC to initiate the configuration procedure, starting at the first parameter.

CAL, For each parameter you will either select one of several choices or enter a numerical value. Press to modify or change the parameter or decrease the number displayed. Press FUNC to save your changes and step to the next parameter.

For many parameter settings, the display initially alternates between a code and numerical value. Once you start to modify the value, however, only the numerical value will be shown. When entering a numerical value, and are used to increase or decrease the number being entered. The change in value dyniscoo each step is 1, 10, ordepending on the size of the number. The increment is 1 for values up to10 from tofrom to Default values are given on page Full Scale Value and a numerical value from 10 to Only the numerical value will be shown during modification.

This value MUST be set equal to the sensor full range, e. Filter Time Constant followed by: Input Fail Safe followed by: Shunt Calibration followed by: On for shunt calibration enabled, or OFF for shunt calibration disabled Note: Set shunt calibration to On when using Dynisco transducers. This function is used to test that the indicator is set up correctly. Shunt numerical value from This value corresponds to the percentage of the Full Scale Value.

When using Dynisco transducers, the Shunt Calibration value should be set to External Contact followed by: Contact Status followed by: CL if function selected above is performed with contact closed, or OP if function selected above is performed with contact open.