The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is the premier investigating agency of India. . The amended Delhi Special Police Establishment Act empowers a The legal powers of investigation of the CBI are derived from the DSPE Act , . provisions of Section 6 of the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, ( Central members of the Delhi Special Police Establishment, we do not think the . Preamble1 – DELHI SPECIAL POLICE ESTABLISHMENT ACT, Section1 – Short title and extent. Section1A – Interpretation section. Section2 – Constitution.

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However, these were not specifically accepted or rejected while considering the validity of the Single Directive only because this Court held that the Single Directive 1964 been issued without any legislative sanction and it amounted to interdicting the investigations. As such, no protection is available to the persons at the decision making level.

Central Bureau of Investigation

CBI was established for investigating matters which were under the Central Government. The biggest loss that may occur cat the nation due to corruption is loss of confidence in the democracy and weakening of rule of law. The State Of 19946 India is a federal Zct i. Cases cited for the legal proposition you have searched for. Therefore, supervision of investigation by any court is a contradiction in terms. Delhi Administration Trhough Designated Officer v.

In Vineet Narain1, this Court clarified that the decision in K. As per prosecution case the brief facts are: It is true that in Swamy this Court was referring to delays in sanctions for prosecution but it is not unlikely that a similar scenario may play itself out in respect of the grant of previous approval for investigation notwithstanding time lines being laid down as mentioned in the Office Memorandum.

Army shelters 3, tourists.

Delhi Special Police Establishment Act Complete Act – Citation – Bare Act | LegalCrystal

We do not think so. World War-II vintage bomb found at Kolkata port. C Saldanha; 1 SCC [6] An Act to provide for the constitution of a Central Vigilance Commission to inquire or cause inquiries to be conducted into offences alleged to have been committed under the Prevention of Corruption Act, by certain 19946 of public servants of the Central Government, corporations established by or under any Central Act, Government companies, societies and local authorities owned or controlled by the Central Government and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Director CBI2 SCC no previous approval for investigation was required by the CBI from the date of decision in Vineet Narain dape December till the insertion of Section 6-A of the Act with effect from 12th September except for a brief period of two months from 25th August to 27th October You have not logged in. N Sahay Petitioner In Cr.


However, as the case progressed, it required innovation of a procedure within the constitutional scheme of judicial review to permit intervention by the court to find a solution to the problem.

State Thr Cbi TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Blog Stats 2, hits. According to them, if Section 6 is not a restriction on the Court but only on the Central Government as has been held by this Court in Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights[8], that principle equally applies to Section 6A.

Where the Court finds that statutory limitations are so fundamental that any departure therefrom may result in a consequence directly contrary to the purpose for which the plenary power under Article 1 is meant, obviously, the Court will exercise its power appropriately having regard to the statutory limitations. This, so far as society is concerned, is essential for maintaining the rule of law; and from the point of view of the investigator, an expeditious conclusion of investigations is necessary because greater the delay, greater the chances of evidence being destroyed, witnesses being compromised or the accused being able to manipulate circumstances to his or her advantage.

Sravana and anoth TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Firstly, it cannot be used to interpret a provision of law such as Section 6A of the Act.

The Delhi Special Police Establishment (DSPE) Act, 1946

The majority view in Union Carbide20 in paragraph 83[21] of the Report has reiterated that the prohibitions or limitations or provisions contained in ordinary laws, cannot ipso facto, act as prohibitions or limitations on the constitutional powers under Article Andhra Pradesh High Court Court, if the sentence is passed by any other court. Dharampal TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.

He submitted that, if necessary, some additional safeguards may also be incorporated by this Court, including that in the event a decision for granting previous approval is not taken within a specified period, a default clause of a deemed previous approval would automatically apply. CBI is all about.

The accused persons after committing assault, threw the clubs and rippers at the spot and ran away. On the basis of that report, the Missing Case No. It had been observed that the requests being made by the investigating agency under said provision were not being accorded due priority and the examination of such proposals at times lacked objectivity.


Venkatesan 29 August Competition Commission Of India 7. The Office Memorandum relied on by the learned Attorney-General can hardly be termed as efficacious in any manner. He nurtured the organisation during his long career as inspector general and director and laid the foundation on which the agency grew. The majority view of the Constitution Bench in Union Carbide[20], with regard to power of this Court under Article of the Constitution holds the same view as expressed by this Court in Delhi Judicial Service Association The limitations may not necessarily reflect or be based on any fundamental considerations of public policy.

That was a decision in rspe the majority held that the Prevention of Corruption Act applies even to the Judges of the High Court and the Supreme Court. Rajasthan High Court No such assumption can be made. The competent authority 19946 give a Speaking Order, giving reasons for its decision. We are unable to accept this submission. The question therefore is, can a statutory fetter such as Section 6A of the Act bind the exercise of plenary power by this Court of issuing orders in the nature of a continuing mandamus under Article 32 of the Constitution?

More importantly, public interest will be taken care of if Section 6A of the Act is interpreted as not putting a fetter on the power of a constitutional court in a case of a continuing mandamus. The judgment noted that “the influence of the father of the accused has been there”. Without such sanction, no enquiry shall be initiated by the SPE. Income Tax Appellate Tribunal. Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, Establishment dspd under the Delhi Special Police Establishment Actor by any other agency Section aft, thus, provides for obtaining approval of the Central Government to conduct inquiry or investigation where the allegations for commission of an offence under the PC Act relate to the employees of the Central Government of the level of the Joint Secretary and above.

State of Kerala TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Section 6 is primarily concerned to see that prosecution for the specified offences cspe not commence without the sanction of a competent authority.