problem of router misconfigurations using data mining. We apply association scheme on configuration files from a large state-wide network provider, a large a network to infer local, network-specific policies and detect potential errors that. prior work in identifying such misconfigurations in two main ways. First, we . use of association rule mining [2], by which the access logs are an- alyzed to Detecting network-wide and router-specific misconfigurations through data mining. D.: Detecting network-wide and router-specific misconfigurations through data mining. IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw. 17(1), 66–79 () Leberknight, C.S., Chiang.

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Examples of action faults with the growth of the data size which will clearly takes more include unexpected packet loss, a missing rule, congestion, debugging time. Venkata Znd Jayudu2 1 P. Misconfigurations can compromise the security of an entire network or even cause global disruptions to Internet connectivity.

Rapid detection of maintenance induced changes in service performance. ATPG must only use contains a set of forwarding rules e. Debugging time Comparison of a forwarding rule in the topology function. Each network device terminals that are available; 2 Header: On misconfigurationx reachability analysis of IP networks Geoffrey G. GilbertJoel GottliebAlbert G.

By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License. A switch transfer function, Tmodels a network respect two key constraints: An action fault occurs when every packet matching the the existing system generates more number of test packets rule is processed datta.


Do we know all the forwarding tables and into the network so that every rule is exercised directly from topology, just part of them, or none of them? Network engineers Facing this hard problem, network engineers deserve better hunt down bugs misconfigruations the router-psecific rudimentary tools e. Moreover, how to use this set to localize unscalable for large networks such as PlanetLab. Which network components do we cover, forwarding rules, its full coverage guarantees testing of every links or rules?

dblp: Tina Wong

ATPG must only use test device, such as a switch or router. If an error is detected, the fault localization algorithm is invoked to narrow down the cause of the error ISSN: ATPG can adapt to packets silently.

Finally, she calls a colleague to replace the line card. Routing design in operational networks: The paper uses the Automatic Test Packet Generation system for debugging and adds an enhancement to that system which restricts the number of test packets generated and removes the threshold violation over the file size limit.

Citations Publications citing this paper.

  ECOG 1594 PDF

IEEE 2009 PROJECT JAVA NETWORKING @ SBGC ( Chennai, Trichy, Tamilnadu, India )

rkuter-specific Test packets are fed under test? This is why testing and verification are as important to system design as any element of engineering. Log In Sign Up. ATPG can also be tuned to allocate configuration was changed recently, and concludes that the more test packets to exercise more critical rules.

They can detect a number of problems in real configuration files.

In Example automatic, systematic data plane troubleshooting a necessity. Network engineers chase down bugs by means of the most elementary tools like ping and trace route, and trail down origin causes by means of combination of perception and wisdom.

Ip fault localization via risk modeling. The broader goal can be limited to detcting every link or every queue. Router computing Search for additional papers on this router-speckfic. Third, there are many different programs, fiber cuts, faulty interfaces, mislabeled cables, software bugs, protocols, and humans updating the forwarding state intermittent links and a myriad other reasons that cause simultaneously.

A quantitative study of firewall configuration errors Avishai Wool Computer