The greatest gift of all. The gift of CthulhuTech. Dark Passions: Oh, THIS Is Fucking Going Places Dark Passions is a nice little page work on minor cults. Recently, I picked up the Dark Passions supplement for CthulhuTech. I’d already sped through Reuben’s copy to see that it was mostly fluff. CthulhuTech is a science-fiction and horror roleplaying game created by Wildfire LLC and just as WildFire had envisioned – CthulhuTech (); Dark Passions (); Vade Mecum: The CthulhuTech Companion (); Damnation View.

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The Congregation of the Earth Mother cultivates an organic aphrodisiac known only as Gold — named so after the primary color of the sacral chakra.

The Strange aeon is now. Let’s see how many chapters I burn through! Aside from Humans, a player can choose to play as the alien Nazzadi, genetically engineered humans once under the influence of the Mi-Go but now allied with the Earth’s government.

CthulhuTech – Wikipedia

A call comes in from a stranger the following day. If you use him in your game, you now have a new cult to play with. This reward is always something that pushes a current vice a little further along. Please help by moving some material from it into the body of the article. Broodingferret rated it liked it Aug 26, While it will be difficult to catch the Church, it is more than likely that they will be able to bust the lab and stop the flow of DFA onto the streets — for now.

This sort of horrifying setting and situation cthulgutech for a variety of Insanity Tests as this experience goes on. They are the Empty. This article’s lead section may be too long for the length of the article.


Cthulhutech Dark Passions

Give him a little time to settle down and convince him that things are back to normal. Characters may be led to a small lab in a disreputable part of town that contains Church trappings and more than likely will find themselves accosted by Hybrids in the shadows.

They certainly can be exciting — especially when pieces of paassions contestants fall off along the way! To torture the Victim and make him fear for his fate; to rescue the Victim from the twins. On the other hand, if you hung out in new-age bookstores or attended psychic development workshops as a hobby, you might be invited to a lecture or a meditation group.

Initiates can only inform on each other, etc. They combine drugs and magic to bond people cthulhutecn the Source of All Things and ultimately to the Esoteric Order of Dagon.

As the players approach the room they find Brent nervously grasping a pistol trained at the doorway. There seems to be no regard in her manner toward anyone who might see her. Play government agents, Wardens, who go out to confront the dark things awakening as the mysterious Chthonian Star approaches. You lose, we lose, everybody loses.

The headlines show they are there. Alluring 3, Sexy Voice 2, Delusion belief that her dedication to the Dark Mother will fill that empty void inside. If cornered, the twins may try to take their own lives.


Everything just goes back to normal. Vast swathes of Asian and European territory have been destroyed by the rapidly expanding Rapine Storm, a cult of crazed psychopaths and cannibals who ravage the land in hordes of armed men and terrifying alien beasts. Underneath, they recruit gifted lucid dreamers into a group that explores dreams and guards them against the interference of unscrupulous magicians.


It is suspected right off the bat that they have been drugged. He is taken away. In a rare oversight, gear list does not include spirit hood or cat ears. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Zombie Shamble is a fast-paced card game where players take on the roles of zombies trying to do their best to get across the finish line. A brief sample of several dreaming rituals can be found on p. Little do they know that some of those Cultists are hidden among them.

The players arrive to discover a run-down and almost abandoned settlement. The players are hired by John Stanwood, a well-known Senate Councilman to investigate and resolve a blackmail plot against his family.

The shut-in who decides to stalk and kill a stranger just to see if he can. Joey rated it did not like it Dec 09, She took to sorcery because her dad would not approve.

The ones that commit mass suicides. But Travis and Tina are sickos, not combatants. We’re currently in development on the second edition of this game, which will be split up into two core books. As well, coming into contact with aliens and demons, performing sorcery, utilizing psychic abilities, or witnessing horrible events, could lead players to gain points of Insanity.

First up, the book talks about making adventures based on these cults. This time both adventures are awful.