le;; if you want to export do the following: FormatType = . ToString + “.pdf” Dim fullOuputFilePath As String = baseReportsOutputPath + exportFileName ‘export to pdf ToDisk( Exporting Exporting reports requires several support files, depending on the type \Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions\\bin Disk file

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By cdystaldecisions our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I get an InvalidComObjectException error when trying to export to pdf.

I think it might have crystxldecisions to do with connecting to oracle, but not sure. I can view the report and connect inside the designer also. After many crystal issues this is what ends up working. Credit goes out to many others.

How to Export Crystal Report to PDF, Excel and Word etc.

I mostly discovered what was needed and pieced together other peoples work to find a solution. I suspect the issue not due to your setting of connection details or parameters. There are some prerequisites to this working but if you are on a development machine that had the full Crystal installed it should easily meet those requirements. Assuming that you don’t see complaints i. The clue is in your error message: I noticed you are calling this as a function that returns the PDF path as a string.

Perhaps you’ve nested the call into a thread that is independent of the calling thread? One way to avoid speculating is to place all this into a brand new, dead simple, basic windows application. Do nothing but the absolute minimum to trigger the export. Make sure that the Windows application is just writing to a local folder and reading the report from a local directory.

Execute a Dataset to fill data from the oracle storedprocedure. Make sure The table names in the dataset are same as the name of the database object based on which the report was designed. Stored Procedure name in this case. Set all report parameters but dont provide any data filters as the dataset contains already filtered data. This is Push Model way of populating report.


Generally i use oledb dataadapter for oracle for designing reports. But if you are dealing with stored procedures then Push model is the only way. The designer can access the oracle SP and populate the report but In the application you have to take care of it otherwise you will be presented with annoying popup asking the Stored Procedure Parameter value.

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How to export crystal report to pdf using oracle Ask Question. Load fullFilepath ‘set parameters If crystalParameter. Value End If ‘user, pass, server, database doc. Unadvise Int32 dwCookie at CrystalDecisions. Dispose Boolean bDisposeManaged at System. Eric Schneider 4, 2 32 Close seems to eliminate the com exception, yet no data exists in the report.

Connecting to Oracle is not very well documented. Close ‘check report created If File. QualifiedName Next End Sub. I would recommend looking at this code: TableLogonInfo Hopefully you can then use this going forward. Lee Tickett 3, 6 23 I have tried this approach with no luck.

How to Export Crystal Report

Thanks for the effort ESchneider, I suspect the issue not crystsldecisions to your setting of connection details or parameters. COM error is gone with the doc. If the COM error is gone, what’s the remaining problem? Leave it open until the export is complete.

Also, if you do a test with a viewer control you need to store crystaldeciaions report document and reassign it to the viewer’s reportsource on postbacks. If you don’t do this then the viewer will fail once you page, export, print or do anything else that causes a postback. Once you solve the issue for basic viewing of your report, then I’d crystalldecisions that test application to not view, and instead just export to PDF.


Stored Procedure name in this case Do not provide any logoninfo. Add NN ; cmd. Add DD ; cmd.

Crystal Reports – Export as PDF to stream – The system cannot find the path specified

Deb 8 This is not an option, this is an existing report in production use, and there are hundreds of them. So what is the problem? This method works the same way for both existing and new reports. You dont need to touch your report files. Only need to change c code.

Our reports call a oracle stored procs to obtain the data, the code just provides parameters for the proc to query the data. I have modified the code to suit your needs. Deb; changing the reports to a data push is not an option. This is a government system that is already in place. There are hundreds of reports all using different procs.

I’m working on changing the delivery system and I need to export the reports to the file system. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Crystal Reports – Export as PDF to stream – The system cannot find the path specified

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