Genus, Cichlasoma Swainson, – American cichlids. Species, Cichlasoma istlanum (Jordan and Snyder, ) – mojarra del Balsas, redside cichlid. Cichlasoma istlanum is a species of ray-finned fishes with 5 observations. I just picked up 4 Red Istlanum last week. 3 of them from COA and 1 male from Rapps. The ones from COA are Gmfishnuts original strain and.

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The female then deposits well above five hundred small, almost invisible yellowish eggs on the ceiling cichlasomw the rock, not thoughtfully cleaned for this purpose; the male then proceeds to fertilize them.

Hopefully, through this site and discussion forums we can encourage the ciclasoma generation of Monster Fish Keepers to have the same passion and love we have for the hobby and our Monster Fish. Articles for sale Beautifully formatted and wonderfully illustrated PDF articles about all matters relative to cichlids.

No, create an account now. Oct 17, Messages: The extensive range of ‘Cichlasoma’ istlanum has given origin to several geographic color forms of the fish, the one shown in the photographs I have to admit being not the most colorful variant but coming from one of the few areas I know where the water is clear enough to take underwater photographs, Rio Papagallo in the Guerrero State N.

Yellow on the head, as well as the blue iridescent spots on the scales and fins, also intensifies on both sexes. One of the rare species in the hobby is Cichlasoma istlanum the generic position of this species is still an unresolved problem, Cichlasoma is for sure wrong.

Pam Chin has been replying to cichlid questions for over twenty years. You can already see the nice hump this guy is getting I just pulled him fro the and divided him with the second female in a 55 for now and added the larger male to the The head of the fish is dark green in the dorsal area and yellow with an intense green hue in the ventral one.

Ex-Cichlasoma Istlanum

Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Ruling the underwater environment of the Mexican largest Pacific drainage, the Balsas river system, lives as the solely native representative of the cichlid family a beautiful fish of magnificent colors and interesting habits, ‘Cichlasoma’ istlanum.

In normal coloration the fish shows several black blotches along the middle part of the flanks, those more conspicuous being the first, located at the base of the head, one in the middle of the body which is the only one seen in juvenilesand one at the base of the caudal fin, those first and last ocelated with small scales containing blue spots in the middle.


I used to a have islantum but she was a freak, started to rock the boat lol.

Basic color base is yellowish, lighter in the lower half of the body and much darker to brown in the upper one, the lower part also with a lot cchlasoma red. Share This Page Tweet. Now if i can get a couple females from Gatling ill pair him up with one of those, otherwise ill use one of the females i have now and most likely sell the rest. Apr 29, Messages: I have observed that other cichlids at the sight of the guarding male just change subtly their route to avoid the nest vicinity, any careless fish that comes too close is then chased away by the angry male.

Fry can be watched grazing on any surface, but with predilection for rocks where they seem to find attached algae and small invertebrates.

People awareness of the species existence and understanding of their biology are a beginning force to convince others of the importance to preserve the unique and clchlasoma proud fauna of our world.

Jan 9, Messages: The Grotto Last Seen: That is a sad thing, for hardly any other fish combines in such a perfect matter brillant coloration, personality and interesting behaviour. At this time the female stays closely above the cave just peaking her head to take a close look at her babies every couple of minutes, preventing with her mouth that any dirt fichlasoma cover them; after that she returns to her position, the male at this time surrounds apparently careless the nest in circles about a meter in radio.

I have done extensive collecting with casting nets in rivers in the Colima state, but wasn’t able to catch a single specimen. Gourami Swami likes this.

Big boulders are however very usual in the fish range, and those are efficiently used by Istlanum for cover purposes, something that makes them hard to collect with the use of nets. Catalog Cichlids Ecoregions Match the id. The chemistry of the Balsas water is from neutral to alkaline and hardness readings are from hard to very hard. In this genus the fish remained until the big Cichlasoma mess started in once the Swedish ichthyologist Sven Kullander restricted the genus to some South American representatives closely related to the type species, Cichlasoma bimaculatum Kullander, Pollution plays its role, and rivers, especially the lower Armeria and Coahuayana systems, are stroked hard by human thoughtlessness.

Yes, my password is: Your name or email address: Rio Coahuayana being almost destroyed by the untreated wastes of a huge paper factory north of the city of Colima.


Cichlasoma istlanum

Nevertheless, the absence of natural geographical accidents like waterfalls in the lower rivers leaves a very large uninterrupted range for Istlanum, much larger than the majority of the ranges known for Central American cichlids.

This fact limits the istlanum habitat to a fraction of it’s potential range, as Balsas tributaries courses are found in a good part above this altitudes. This splendid species is endemic in the Rio Balsas system in Mexico. Cichla is another genus of cichlid.

Trade section The master list of cichlid offers ordered by area and species name. I had a few hundred from wrigglers in a 40 long by themselves and they cichlaso,a each other up. I love this species FWP and they are on the C. The course of the Balsas mostly consist of rivers of moderate fast to very fast water flows, running on terrains that ciichlasoma rocky but also muddy in bottom composition.

Also central America is represented in upper Rio Amacuzac by the recent introduction by hobbyists of Archocentrus nigrofasciatus that has bloomed, becoming cichpasoma possible threat to ‘Cichlasoma’ istlanum populations.

It has been suggested then that Istlanum according to it’s feeding technics could be considered part of the genus Nandopsis Gill Konings,but recently Dr. Luck and parents care will tell at this point the future of the little fish.

Cichlasoma istlanum : fisheries

Jan 31, Messages: I have observed lucky parents with herds of more than one thousand 2 cm fry, strolling proudly with their babies in the shallows of the river. Dorsal iistlanum anal fins with filaments that extend beyond the middle of the rounded caudal fin, in some cases the dorsal filament beyond the end of it. The species is sexually active already at a length of cm.

Documents Articles Breeding tanks Interviews. Breeding activity takes place during cichlasmoa dry season in the slower flowing parts of the rivers near the shores, normally on muddy substrates where the pairs already formed look for a rock where they dig a small cave that fit them at the base fichlasoma it. That Male looks amazing Currently you are viewing this site as our guest which only gives you limited access to view most discussions, articles and photo galleries.

They’re looking frisky there haha how big do these fish get?

How big are they?