Written/Delivered: January 28, (1st document) The Congress government has arrested one thousand communists during the last one month. Most of. The Naxalite ideology is broadly based on Comrade Charu Majumdar’s historic Eight Documents and creative application of. HISTORIC DOCUMENTS – CHARU MAZUMDAR. SOURCE: CM-WORKS BLOG. Our Tasks in the Present Situation (28th January, – First Document).

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The Historical Eight Documents -Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder

C for whom you advocate? On the contrary, these very leaders face the danger of getting isolated from the Party ranks.

What shall we call a liberated area? R stressed that a docuemnts agrarian revolutionary Movement should be document up propagating the concept of agrarian revolution and relating it to the land question. We have witnessed the betrayal of the working class. See, what is happening in Middle East where no proper democracy exists? The unity of the allied classes is not strengthened, because in our agricultural system the exploitation of feudal classes is foremost.

April 8th document In the post-election period our apprehensions are being proved correct by the actions of the party CPI-M majumdat itself. If we cannot begin this eeight within this period, we shall have to confront the difficult task of organising in the face of imperialist attacks. So immediately now, we shall have to clearly put up before our organisation this view that with the development of sense of responsibility among working class and revolutionary petti-bourgeois cadres, they will have to go to the villages immediately.

There is only one aim at the root of the slogan of unity given by the present ruling class, and that is unity for the exploitation by monopoly capital. They think that the work of building a revolutionary party has ended chafu the very adoption of the programme in other words with the adoption of the programme that is the strategic documents at the Seventh Congress of the Party.

How soon we can raise these activists to Party membership will depend on how many new activists these activists will be able to collect.

Naturally the question arises—what are the methods which help to get out of these deviations? What is the main basis for building up a revolutionary organisation? The ruling class wants that, for in this way they can break the strength of mind of the fighting masses. Under no circumstances shall the Communists try to pass the type of struggle acceptable to the peasants as the best. It should be remembered that it is only the political chari campaign that can make this struggle more wide-spread and strengthen eibht fighting spirit of the peasant.


In the age of armed struggle, every Party unit must be participants in the armed struggle and be a self-reliant leader.


Now they are suggesting reliance on laws and the bureaucracy. It was inaugurated by Comrade D. In this revolutionary situation in India today, our Party organisation is not capable of giving leadership. It was because of that left sectarianism of those days that we were unable to guide that movement along the correct path. In a revolutionary movement for long phases the the situation for running mass organizations as front organizations dose not arise. Which conducted the anti neo-revisionst struggle,o rganizationally consolidating the forces that rallied with the revolutionary politics and guiding the peoples movement with the aim of revolution.

It said in present era bourgeois Parliamentary institutions “have become a positive impediment to revolutions in semi-feudal, semi-colonial countries like India” and gave a call to boycott elections.

What do we mean by active resistance? Now, from the organisational point of view, those eiight will have to be found out which were hurdles in the way of a correct leadership of the vast movements of those days, so that they may not find a nest afresh in the revolutionary Party. We shall have to carry on daily the struggle against revisionism, adopting the tactics of area-wise seizure of power. The leadership of the Maoist movement is largely from the upper castes and classes and to a large extent is Andhra Pradesh centric.

We have become anxious to organise satyagraha movements, we are not realizing that in the present era this satyagraha movement is bound to fail.

All movements became confined within the bonds of movements on demands. Long live the revolutionary unity of workers and peasants!

In the remote upland areas, public officials doctors, teachers, magistrates etc were unwilling to work and often willing to come back in plains. The formation of a separate Party does not mean that the fight against revisionism has ended.


Why have you been hiding in forests and hills for last 40 years? Chairman Mao has enriched this path shown by Lenin. Despite this propaganda, the peasants will possibly decide to go on mass deputations and we shall have majumsar conduct that movement. It has converted the entire Indian people into a nation of beggars to the foreigners. Not even six months are left. In an Interview with Blitz Comrade T.

Firstly, what was the historical reason as a result of which this massive form of that movement in those days could create intense hatred against the class enemy?

For this reason, naturally, Party leadership will have to be established over the organisations. Today Party members will have to think anew about every mass movement. If these armed units also are trained in political education, they themselves can build base areas for struggles in the countryside. Apparently the government might look powerful, because it has in its hands food and arms.

So the first point of our organisational work is establishing the leadership of poor and landless peasants in the peasant movements. The minimum political programme of he party is o overthrow the exsiting clas rule based on exploitation and o[pression, and to replace it with a rule in which the working class has predominance.

Since firstly, Indian State failed to provide adequate and proper political representation to tribals furthermore in the central parts of India where tribal population resides there was real absence of state machinery, administration, infrastructure of education, medical facilties etc.

Historic Eight Documents – Wikipedia

That is why it participated in Panch Sheel, in the Bandung Conference. In a country of backward economy like India, this control invariably faces Opposition from a large section. The working class and the revolutionary eiight should be taught that they should not attack merely for the sake of majjumdar, but should finish the person whom they attack.

The mass organization has to maintain a mass character and expected to raw political elements. It should be remembered that whatever fighting tactics is accepted on the basis of the support of the broad peasantry, it can never be in any sense adventurism.