Business Maharajas [Gita Piramal, Gita Piramal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The inside track to India’s most powerful tycoons The. Business Maharajas [Gita Piramal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr Gita Piramal is managing editor of The Smart Manager, India’s first world-class management magazine, launched in.

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Ambani Cultivated political contacts, Bajaj was born into a family of patriots. Several businessmen, including Aditya Birla, applied repeatedly to the government for licences but were consistently turned down. It would ward some investors at the expense of others.

When the High Unit Value Scheme, came, we were manufacturing and exporting. Sometimes, fights between industrialists broke out, who go all out in devising means for humbling the opponent. One such illustrative case is described by the author, which must be mentioned. He stormed the topmost orbit when he decided to invest in petrochemicals. If there’s little in common between Ambani and Birla about the mahagajas to success, the viewpoints of Bajaj and Tara are even more divergent.

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It was the Rs crore polyester fibre plant. Once the two elder sons had started sending money home regularly, Hirachand felt they could afford to send Natwarlal to a smart Bombay college. Bajaj didn’t have to hustlemthere were long queues of people outside his airconditioned office patiently waiting to be allotted scooters.


In Novemberas inDhirubhai had a hard me convincing people to trust him with their money. Although past globalization, India have changed a lot.

Dhirubhai’s party was almost Mrs. I had to salute these brave men who stood their ground against tyranny to make profit and to serve the nation, though the nation might not realize that they were served by these men. Don’t have a Kindle? The import entitlements that we were permitted against exports enabled us to import the most sophisticated and latest technology from abroad. There are many superstars who are equally-if not more-interesting, such as Vijay Mallya, the jet-setting liquor king, or Subhash Chandra of Zee TV.

The share appreciated by per cent. Smiling his trademark grin, pumping hands vigorously, slapping a friend’s back and cracking the usual wedding jokes, Dhirubhai hid deep inside him the strain he was going through.

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It’s a huge place where all the pigeons descend and people feed them chana. Asked once what was the secret of his success, he answered: They were eventually granted one in but even ubsiness the licence of 10, tpa that Reliance got was more than 40 per cent above that of Orkay. The Shahs and other Palanpuri Jains brought the business to Surat and Bombay, where nimble diamond cutters cut and polish tiny brown stones, turning dross into gold.

He had given 15 per cent in They did not shrug off their responsibilities and flee the nation, for better opportunities, instead they fought, a long and tiresome, utterly foolish battle. Ambani is a first generation entrepreneur, the Bajajs were rich long before Ambani was born. What has sustained this single-minded commitment?


Sip a cup of tea, drive to work, listen to music, build a houseā€¦and the chances are that in these and a myriad other ways you are using products that they manufacture or market. His use of the word salaam infuriated the older, established industrialists.

Yet, tangled in the disparities, are a few skeins which are common to each. Much can go wrong in deals where political strings have to be pulled and mega bucks change hands, but Goenka usually gets what he wants without too many glitches. It patrols his tea gardens day and night.

When Parliament reopened after a recess on November 15, a number of MP s drew the finance minister’s attention to the Telegraph report and demanded an bu. And to scotch rumours or a run on Reliance’s share price while he was away, he met with leading journalists in an informal press conference in his all-white office.