Lexie Smith talks bread baking and cultural representation with Master Bread Baker Jeffrey Hamelman. Bread by Jeffrey Hamelman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Jeffrey Hamelman’s Bread: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes is an solid baking book, but not one I would recommend to everyone.

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By that I mean, since we do not have an intact, centuries-old food culture, we dash from one crazy diet obsession to the next every five years. The breads I’ve made from this book, though, have not turned out well. Refresh and try again.

I still would not recommend this book to a new baker, but it is an excellent resource for a seasoned baker. Without question, bread is a sly and able translator. No trivia or quizzes yet. Hamleman 30, Devilish rated it it was amazing Shelves: We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

If you want to learn the basics and even more advanced techniques of baking bread, then this is the ONE book to have on your shelf. Sure, they have hamekman percentages listed for each recipe but does a hameman baker really want to get the calculator out every time? Too true – have the picture on fb to prove it. Jeffrey Hamelman An accomplished baker, teacher and entrepreneur, Jeffrey Hamelman brings a variety of jeffrfy and skills to his position as Bakery Director at King Arthur Flour.

You will discover a bread for every seasonand every palate, including recipes new to this edition, many forunderappreciated delights like Swiss Farmhouse Bread, GermanFarmer’s Bread, and Baguettes de Tradition. This is my go-to bread baking book. May 16, Pamela Hempston rated it it was amazing. This book is often referred to as the “bible” of bread-baking, and it is written by the head baker at King Arthur Flour, but I found it lacking in many ways.


Talking Bread and Evolution with Jeffrey Hamelman | SAVEUR

The continual references to steam injectors and oven vents, proper posture when lifting 75 pounds of dough, and potential injury from improperly holding 7 to 8 foot long peels while unloading dozens of loaves of bread quickly make the amateur realize this book was not intended for brdad. We at Zomick’s bakery have this cookbook for many years and must admit we learned many new recipes from it.

Challah shaped in a Winston Knot. I could appreciate what this book had to offer but I wish I was further along in my skill level to use its lessons to their true advantage – for intermediate to advanced bakers, not novices. A much more serious bread book than I was after.

Bread : A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes

A complete chapter on decorative breads–withinstructions on techniques as well as a wide variety of exquisitepatterns–will inspire magnificent display creations.

I like the simple formulas rather than everything being a full-blown recipe. This bookis a gift to the world of artisan baking. Back cover copy “Bread is worthy of high praise, from the generous numberof recipes to the scientific discussions hread pre-ferments.

He also informs you in general about what you can expect when you vary things. Hamelman, a professional baker for more than three decades, hamelmam member and captain of Baking Team USA, which represents theUnited States in the international Coupe du Monde de laBoulangerie, the World Cup of bread baking. Laced throughout the book, Hamelman’s personal narrative offersa compelling portrait of a lifelong love affair with bread andvividly communicates the passion he shares with so brewd otherbakers.

It is the only bread book that I found in the US that has good detail on making and using the lye solution to give the pretzels the shiny brown crust that is needed for an authentic pretzel.

Talking Bread and Evolution with Jeffrey Hamelman

With that in mind, I talked to Jeffrey Hamelman, a veteran baker and author of Bread: Follow us email facebook twitter pinterest instagram tumblr Google Hamslman youTube rss. Dec 21, Wayne rated it really liked it Shelves: Only two breads in the book, simit and lavash, hail from outside Europe or North America.


I use it constantly as a reference and have bought multiple copies for friends and family who want to learn to bake bread.

That makes it quite limiting and provincial, actually since the US is the ONLY country still using that outmoded system of measurement. Aug 06, Anne rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hamelman, a professional baker for nearly three decades, was a member of the United States national baking team that won first place in the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie, the bread-baking World Cup.

I couldn’t read this book because it’s mainly drawn pictures. One loaf or 12, large loaves or small: Aside from the technological implements at play, this is, of course, not new. Each recipe clearly outlines the key stages, with easy-to-usecharts that list ingredients in both American and metric measures, quantities appropriate for home baking, and baker’s percentages. That said, it is geared more towards the professional, or, at least, someone who takes their baking very seriously.

Jeffrey Hamelman did an amazing job in explaining how to create sourdough, including your own starter. I was curious if Hamelman, having seen the industry change through the decades, thought that America was finally developing its own bread culture amidst this new baking enthusiasm. It even ispired a chapter about bread in an interpretive dance.

Hardcoverpages. Over the jefffey, I’ve heard great things about Jeffrey Hamelman and I was really looking forward to reading his book. It’s great for beginners as is for pros. Dec 02, Denise rated it really liked it.