La blefaroplastia inferior es la cirugía que busca la mejora del párpado inferior, Illustrated representation of a transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty. Many translated example sentences containing “blefaroplastia inferior” – English- Spanish de Párpados (Blefaroplastía) transconjuntival del párpado inferior. In the lower eyelids, we performed lower transconjunctival blepharoplasty Nas pálpebras inferiores, foi realizada blefaroplastia inferior transconjuntival.

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Note la apariencia natural obtenida. View at Google Scholar T.

Also, the position of the lower lid must be such that bringing it up that amount will not cover the inferior iris excessively. If this persists, the lower crease can be raised by making a higher incision to match and fixating the crease to the levator aponeurosis just above the top of the tarsal plate. The hollowing along his infraorbital rim was improved with fat repositioning. Injury to the inferior oblique or less commonly other extraocular muscles, is rare.

Upper lid ptosis and upper and lower lid dermatochalasia.

The subciliary skin blefaroplqstia flap approach to the fat pads is avoided if at all possible. Lagophthalmos can increase reflex tear secretion, leading to relative epiphora.

Bilateral upper lid ptosis and brow ptosis, lower lid excess fat pockets. Similarly, conjunctival chemosis caused by a transconjunctival incision and by drying related to lagophthalmos can cover the puncta, again leading to infeior. Note the natural looking results and refreshed appearance to her eyelids and face. If the orbital septum is pulled, the surgeon can feel it tighten when a finger is placed under the brow. These techniques are similar to those utilized to treat the eyelid retraction of thyroid blffaroplastia disease [ 27 ].

Visual acuity measurement and slit lamp examination are critical on the first postoperative visit almost always the day after surgery to rule out ocular injury and to document its absence. Individual results will vary with each patient and Dr. In Asian and Black patients, CO 2 laser can be safely used inside the skin for fat removal, but laser skin incisions are to be avoided in these patients due to increased risk of scar hypertrophy and dyspigmentation.


If the surgeon thought to preserve the excised skin in moist gauze, this can be utilized up to one week postoperatively. Zoumalan uses when performing a lower lid blepharoplasty. He had severe chemosis and discomfort due to significant lagophthalmos. Upper lid excess skin and lid ptosis droopy lid resulting in difficulty seeing well and a tired appearance, lower lid bags and blefaroplastiaa skin.

Lower blepharoplasty for bags – Benidorm

Bilateral upper lid ptosis, upper and lower lid dermatochalasia excess skin and fat prolapse. Photos were taken five months after surgery. The use of the CO 2 laser and maintaining a dry surgical field with bipolar cautery or by defocusing the CO 2 laser will minimize the occurrence of postoperative ecchymosis. Upper and lower lid blepharoplasty, lower lid fat repositioning, lower lid resurfacing with TCA peel. Lastly, there are occasional patients who develop unrelated cranial nerve palsies some weeks or months after surgery by chance alone.

View at Google Scholar M. Those who recover fastest compress through most of the first night as well.

Blefaroplastia del Párpado Inferior

Control of obvious bleeding points, if present is important. Risk factors for postoperative wound dehiscence includes infection, restless sleepers, and even minor postoperative trauma. Any adjunctive procedures to be performed should also be determined. This rransconjuntival woman underwent lower lid surgery to improve her appearance and remove her lower lid fat pockets.

More effect in terms of lifting skin off the eyelashes for less skin excision can be achieved by creating a higher lid crease during the blepharoplasty. For more proximal obstructions with tearing a sequence of increasing interventions is possible. Up to 24 hours, cantholysis and pressure release if the orbit is still tense and steroid treatment can be utilized. He has healed well with no evidence of his incisions and now looks more awake, refreshed, sees better, while having a natural looking result.


If the patient continues to have difficulty describing or demonstrating what he or she desires changed, and into what, it obligates the surgeon to promote discussion or present alternatives until clear agreement occurs—otherwise, surgery should not be done. The amount of lagophthalmos must be such that lower lid blefarpolastia would eliminate it. Postoperative eyelid edema and levator edema are common and are temporary causes of ptosis. She wished to have them removed and to look more youthful.

If the eyelid comes back into position and scleral show is eliminated merely by tightening laterally, horizontal shortening is all that is required, usually via a tarsal strip procedure. The blefaroplastix of your strabismus-oriented colleagues can be occasionally very helpful if the deficit persists.

This gives rapid blefaroplaatia of symptoms, rapid healing, the ability to monitor vision, and the absence of pressure on wounds caused by a patch. Patient Seeing Up This 72 year-old male underwent upper and lower lid cosmetic eyelid surgery. Some of the fat was in excess was repositioned to help prevent any hollowing after surgery. This patient had excess skin and fat pockets in both upper and lower lids.

This photo was taken 1 year after surgery. Bilateral upper lid blepharoplasty, upper lid ptosis repair, and lower lid blepharoplasty. She looks more refreshed and well rested.

It is important to distinguish between the two, as the cyst needs to be unroofed or excised. A test spot can be offered the patient although a good result with the test spot is not a guarantee of subsequent good results.