Forklift operator’s safety code. The do’s and dont’s of forklift truck operation. Safe use of forklift trucks in slide form. BITA warns against forklift truck modifications. Operator’s Safety Code for Powered Industrial Trucks This edition has been expanded to clarify certain rules, . The British Industrial Truck Association (BITA) also issues Codes of Practice and .. B Operator’s Safety Code for Rough Terrain Lift Trucks (the Red Book).

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News | Bita – British Industrial Truck Association

Further, employees have a duty to co-operate with their employers on health and safety matters. Fork lift trucks are used extensively throughout industry and are familiar features in many workplaces. Whilst much of the information will be of interest in all markets, it also contains information specifically applicable to the UK.

The factors to consider here are: If necessary, traffic rules should be introduced, supported by clear signage. Truck type focus Counterbalance trucks continue to be the most in-demand type of industrial truck, accounting for We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience. The boom is raised by hydraulic rams.

The course is delivered between 1 and 3 days and delegates will receive an ITSSAR accredited certificate upon completion of the course. Poor Organisation of Traffic Routes An obstructed traffic route, or one which is poorly lit or signposted, will increase the risk of accidents. Safey suitability of the training satety held by the intended operatives, eg is the intended fork -lift truck sufficiently different to require more than just familiarisation training?

This type of lift truck is only suitable for use on firm, smooth and level surfaces and is typically used in warehouses where space is restricted. This type of lift truck is only suitable for use on firm, smooth and level surfaces. This truck is used for long loads such as bales of timber and pipes. Must be 11 digits only. Rough Terrain Use Only appropriately designed fork safwty trucks should be used on rough terrain.


Forklift Operator’s Safety Code

Battery charging can be a hazardous operation because of the possible exposure to battery acid, which can cause burns, and because of the possible build up of explosive hydrogen gas. Operating Factors Operating factors that could result in damage to the load itself, physical injury or even death to workers or other people in the immediate vicinity include: For example, the duty:.

The results of the assessment can be used to set up an action checklist based on the organisation’s specific needs. Sector focus Manufacturing is the largest single sector user operarors industrial trucks, with almost a third The training of the operators should at least include: The Association of Industrial Truck Trainers AITT introduced an accreditation scheme driven by practical training specialists and aimed at improving standards of training and safety in the operation of industrial trucks.

Regulation 26, blta certain types of fork lift truck to be fitted with the means to prevent it rolling over and causing injury to the driver. Remain compliant and stay ahead of industry changes in Construction. This can potentially be an issue if used in older engines which were not designed to run on ULSD.

The forks or tines are mounted at the front of the vehicle and are attached to a fixed but tilting mast to allow the load to be raised or lowered.


The truck should never be driven with the load elevated.

There are six different categories which encompass the whole materials handling industry: It has also announced that two of its stalwart members — Victoria Hutson and Stan Harris — are to step down. BITA will also have a presence at the event, where it will be talking with delegates to explain the work it does for it Members and the wider industry.

Practical Overview Training Stages Operator training should include the following three stages of which the first two may be integrated. Despite this stoicism, some of the post-referendum data makes for predictably sobering reading. The ease of inspection and maintenance of the truck. Downward trends in consumer spending have contributed to safeety continued fall in sales for forklifts for wholesale distribution down 9.

The boom can also be extended or retracted telescoped to give extra reach or height.

I very much look forward to working with them both in the future. Close supervision is essential until the operator becomes more experienced. Sales into manufacturing sectors were again high, with a 5.

The new deadline for entries is Friday 15 th July and should be submitted via the form which can be found at http: Skip to main content. No load should be lifted or set down in close proximity to people unless they are actively involved in the lifting or lowering operation itself, are aware of the risks and are wearing appropriate personal protective equipment PPE.