Please read first our information sheet „Basisinformationen über Vermögensanlagen in Wertpapieren“ as well as the information sheets of the issuer. „Basisinformationen über Vermögensanlagen in Wertpapieren“ (=Basic information on investing in securities) as well as „Basisinformation über. Basisinformationen über Vermögensanlagen in Wertpapieren, Ausgabe Bank Verlag Medien. Published by Bank-Verlag Medien (). ISBN

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State Regulation of Securities Market Chapter 3. The eecution policies do not apply to transactions with suitable counterparties since here the best eecution rules as defined in 33a WpHG are not applicable according to the eemption clauses in 31b WpHG.

The German Securities Trading Act WpHG provides rules on information and investor protection which are adapted to various categories of customers for use by banks and financial services providers. Forex trading rates eertpapieren conditions All trading transactions eecuted by ourselves or our employees are subject to ongoing controls via our Compliance department.

LuxeMbOurG Trading CenT re LisT Annex 1 to the special terms and conditions for securities transactions Valid as from 1 september Vermgendanlagen Annex 1 to the Special terms and conditions for securities transactions Valid as from 1 September In order to achieve the best possible result in executing security orders, the bank has More basisinformattionen.

These are virtual or real barriers for limiting the flow of information between different spheres of activity and departments of vermgensanlage Bank. Client categorisation 5 4. These brochures are presented when the customer opens an account with us. We should point out to customers that Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft does not offer its customers investment advice. For the calculation of the loss report we use the cost prices.

bfr A different eecution of the customer order than as part of the fied price transaction is always possible if the customer wishes it, provided the corresponding financial instruments are traded on a stock echange and sufficient liquidity is available to eecute the order.

September Contents 4 General customer information 31 3 no German. Transactions in financial instruments from the blacklist are prohibited.

Our customers may communicate with us in German or English. If the entire combined order is not eecuted at the same price, the Bank may calculate a mean value from the epenses and revenues and debit or credit your account with a net average price. What is different and where can I find something?


MiFID s scope 3 1. Equities and equity-related securities. Purpose The purpose of this Statement is to provide to the Client appropriate guidance on the nature and risks of the specific type of financial instrument that are offered More information. However, these differing epectations cannot be fully ruled out in view of the fact that we eecute orders for a large number of clients and also seek to be of assistance to our clients in other banking services apart from the eecution of orders.

Inducements and other incentives. We keep a directory of insiders, in which all relevant Bank employees having insider information are recorded with point in time and the type of information.

This trust largely depends on the conduct on the part of our managerial staff and our employees. Our Bank ensures in organisational terms that these services are always performed eclusively in the interests of our customers.

Non-standardised derivatives and forward echange contracts A trade in non-standardised derivatives and forward echange contracts is concluded directly between the customer and the Bank, or possibly via an interim agent.

The purpose of this document More information. The customer s attention is specifically drawn to the fact that in the case of a customer instruction concerning the eecution venue the Bank shall eecute the order according to the instruction and thus is not obliged to achieve a best possible outcome best eecution under these eecution policies.

Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft

Therefore we offer you various trading. In order to avoid the loss of of subscription rights and financial damage, the bank will dispose them on a regular stock at the best price for the customer. Eecution of customer orders in foreign derivatives In the case of derivatives traded eclusively at foreign eecution vegmgensanlagen, the customer commissions the Bank to eecute his orders via an interim agent.

Market Making for Exchange Traded Funds.

BaFin – Merkblätter – Merkblatt zum Vertrieb gemäß § KAGB

Baader Bank AG lives from the trust basisinformatlonen by its clients, the general public and its own employees in its integrity, fairness and reliability and the quality of the services it provides. In vermyensanlagen respects, unless a different agreement has been made and in the absence of conflicting statutory provisions, the Bank shall determine the level of interest and fees at its own discretion of the German Civil Code.


The law offers the professional client the option to vermgensanoagen a separate agreement to be classified as a private customer. Calls from other networks may entail charges. This procedure ensures a targeted control and monitoring of insider information and precise knowledge as to the actions of the persons involved. However, this is contingent upon circumstances arising or becoming known which justify an increased risk assessment of the claims against the customer. If the customer presents other papers with the order to procure an outstanding amount from a debtor interest coupons, for eampleand the Bank issues a credit note for this amount, this is done subject to the Bank actually receiving the amount in basisinformatkonen.

Securities account transfer | flatex online Broker

In principle, customer orders in securities are not eecuted against the Bank s proprietary trading department, but are routed to a trading venue In off-floor ETF trading with professional clients and suitable counterparties, the Bank eecutes customer orders against its own book.

Suitable counterparties have most eperience of investment services and are therefore afforded the lowest level of protection. Means of communication You may transmit orders to us electronically, by phone, verbally or in writing, by fax, or letter.

If the customer also has business connections with foreign branches, the banker s lien paragraph 14 of these Terms of Business also safeguards the claims of the foreign branches. Tied agents Baader Bank AG currently does not offer a liability umbrella for tied agents but does work with tied agents covered by other liability umbrellas.

Conversely, the Bank s obligation to eecute an instruction to debit a foreign currency balance is not postponed if the Bank is able to eecute it entirely within its own baslsinformationen. The Bank basizinformationen best eecution policy is only applied if you do not eplicitly specify a trading venue for order eecution at the time you issue the order.