A single touch of their hands, a soft brush of their lips will mean death for Damen – cast into the darkness of the Shadowland. But as she seeks to break the curse. Shadowland is the third book of the Immortals series by Alyson Noel. It was released on November 17, With Damen and Ever not being able to exchange. The Immortals is a sequence of novels written by Alyson Noël, focusing on psychics and Evermore (February 3, ); Blue Moon (July 7, ); Shadowland (November 17, ); Dark flame (June 22, ); Night Star ( November

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If she would stop for a moment to think it through, her life my be a bit better, but after three books she still doesn’t learn this lesson! View all 12 comments. The girl is killing me. When before I thought she was smart and kind, now I think she’s stupid and impulsive and self-obsessed.

I spent two hours reading about a girl whining because she and her boyfriend can’t have sex.

Damen tells her that Roman is alysno liar and can’t be trusted. Read Maggie Stiefvater’s books, at least her female leads aren’t dumb as rocks. Is Ever and Aoyson finally having sex all this series is about? Shadowland by Shadowlandd Noel 2 17 Oct 18, Damen gives Ever an amulet made of Crystals that will protect her from Roman. Ultimately though, Ever blames herself for what happened, and Damen blames himself for what happened and they both work separately, rather than together, to find the solution.

Oh well, on to something else! When I read ‘Evermore’, I admit that I liked it enough-ish to read the second one. She’s like most of these YA heroines these days- her boyfriend defines her.


Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I guess I’ll watch for Book 4.

Shadowland (novel)

I admire the fact that when he says that he wants to make up for his past and improve his karma, he takes immediate action and gets rid of material things and takes loving care of the twins. Rayne was the only one to call Ever out on her shit and through her I could say the things I wanted to Ever.

Damen went to the Shadowlands for a brief period of time, I think. Roman tells her that she’ll find out what he wants for it soon, but she wants to try to find it on her own. A surfer guy named Jude with an ourosbouros tattoo becomes Ever’s boss and falls in love with her. Jude comes after her and is telling her about how he wants to help her see her sister.

Oh, right, to tease us with more “are they ever gonna be able to get it on?! The twins warn her and yet she ignores them and makes the wrong choice?

Ever runs to Haven after telling Jude that he had better be gone by the time she gets back. Noel devotes the 1st 50 pages or so making Damen and Ever argue over who is to blame for their predicament instead of putting their heads 2gether 2 try and find a solution.

Alysn had to settle for pinching myself instead.

The twins warned Ever that something was going to happen and she remained too wrapped up in herself to take note. When she finds a Book of Shadows everybody who knows about the book tells her that it is dangerous in the wrong hands and she has to stay away from it and what does she do, she uses it and makes things worse and hides it all from Damen.


Jude was clearly a better choice for Ever!

Detailed Review Summary of Shadowland by Alyson Noel

No one can call Ever out on her shit and have her listen. It’s bad enough that Alyson Noel expects me to believe a man who’s been around for years could ever find a girl like Ever Bloom even remotely interesting, now she’s dragged another poor sap into it, and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive her. Open Preview See a Problem? She also knew that by “saving” Haven, she was condemning her soul to the Shadowland if she was ever killed later in life.

And then the bit about Haven becoming.

What a waste of time. What is the book about? She also tells him that she took the opportunity in Summerland to watch his past.

Shadowland Book Summary and Study Guide

Roman showed up and then took Haven away with him. This was that book, as you might have guessed. This is part of a book series that mainly follows Ever and Damen, two immortals who are totally soulmates and whatnot.

She leaves the dying cat with Ever and heads to an interview that Roman aljson up for her.