Phone, Suggest a phone number Aj ja teba, Maxim E Matkin. 53 likes. Local Business. Aj ja teba, Maxim E Matkin. Posts about Aj ja teba, Maxim E Matkin. apr. Read a free sample or buy Aj ja teba by Maxim E. Matkin. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Preview and download books by Maxim E. Matkin, including Polnočný denník, Zvláštne šťastie, Hviezda jasná and many more. 6. Aj ja teba · View in iTunes.

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Do not forget to bring the relevant receipt for the item you wish to claim warranty for.

Maxim E. Matkin

Discount prices are valid up to the date specified in the product details ma until out of stock. In such cases we recommend to notify us in advance at info kompot. That is why it is worth your while to check out our e-shop every now and then, and shop online. We protect personal data in compliance with Act No.

By purchasing our products at www. Designs on the T-shirts are screen printed. In the event of wrongful interference with the content on katkin.

Unless otherwise specified, we xj dispatch goods within 5 working days, however at the latest within 14 calendar days upon receiving a successfully completed order or after order authorisation.

You can use your right to contract termination by e-mail at info kompot. In other cases unpackedplease return goods without original packaging.

Aj ja teba — Kompot

In order to make the whole process smooth and as fast as possible, please read the detailed step by step in the Terms and Conditions. The scales at the post office are merciless and you could age a year after getting a needlessly overcharged package.

Exchange, Returns and Warranty Claims 9. The whole procedure and conditions will be agreed upon using e-mail communication. The Terms and Geba become effective in regards to you upon entering into a purchase contract. If it is in the e-shop, it is in the brick and mortar shop, and vice versa.


Pictures or text would not look great, if the T-shirt shrunk in the washing machine. You can find helpful information regarding your shopping experience in FAQ.

Photographs — identification purposes, to promote the employer, E-shop — sales of goods to customers of e-shop, Consumer contests — organization of consumer contests, Clients — fulfilling the rights and obligations in accordance to contractual commitments, Warranty claims — processing warranty claims. It is not a secret that authors of T-shirts let their creativity free even when designing the packaging.

Provision of personal data is voluntary. If an does not fit a standard box, we will rather forego the original packaging teb send you the T-shirt in a plastic bag. Goods will be delivered to you in a cardboard package with a characteristic look.

If we reject your claim or do not respond within 30 days of sending, you are entitled mahkin file your claim and assert your rights in relation to us using the method of alternative dispute resolution. In the event mafkin several bodies of alternative dispute resolution are applicable, you are entitled to choose where you want to file your claim; your ability to file at applicable court is hereby not affected.

Such orders will not be processed further without payment in advance and will be considered void.

Popular Maxim E Matkin Books

T-shirts have been prewashed. If you are unable to pick up goods personally, let us know by e-mail who will pick up the goods instead. You acquire ownership rights to the goods by accepting the goods at the specified delivery point and by paying the full cost. How to use and take care of a T-shirt: You can also use a form for contract termination if you use this option, we will confirm receipt of the termination notice without delay by e-mail.

We advise you to carefully read the instructions on exercising consumer rights regarding contract termination and our Jw and Conditions. It is possible to do any of those, even though it saddens us. Obligation to deliver goods is fulfilled when we deliver the goods to you or a third party specified matkinn you, or by handing the shipment to our shipper for delivery. There are products we have not taken pictures of, or there simply is another reason why we do not offer them in the e-shop.


If you are deeply invested in the availability of a certain design, shoot us an e-mail.

Concise explanation of the rule We have only one storage room. Categories of personal data concerned: Consent expires one month after the delivery of the retraction of your consent and your data will be erased. And he, with the look of dignity of a man who is actually responsible for it all, because it is his mental energy that keeps the world spinning.

A screen print could possibly last longer than the T-shirt itself. The abovementioned rights apply to data subjects in accordance with Articles 15 to 21 and Article 77 of the Regulation. You can use the ODR platform by submitting a complaint to http: If the data subject requests the information to be provided orally, it will be done so after proving his or her identity.

Maxim E. Matkin on Apple Books

In this event the higher postage and packaging charges will be covered by us. Postage and packaging fees are charged separately. As of 1st Februaryas a consumer dissatisfied with the way we ma handled your warranty claim or if you believe we breached your rights, you may approach Kompot and demand corrective action by info kompot.

It is not possible to order over the telephone. It will contain useful information on possible complications regarding delivery. You will pay for your order upon delivery to the GLS courier.