Find great deals on eBay for C5 Corvette Manual in Corvette. CORVETTE OWNERS MANUAL CHEVROLET BOOK HANDBOOK C5 Z06 GUIDE. Chevrolet Corvette. Owner’s Manual. Litho in U.S.A.. ECopyright General Motors Corporation 06/22/ Part Number A First Edition. All Rights. C5 General – Corvette owners’ manual in PDF – In searching for the PDF version of my owner’s manual, I came across this teardown.

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The arrival of the new century — and the new millennium — did nothing to deter that opinion. Corvette began the new millennium with continued momentum at the racetrack. While the C5-R had established itself as a contender at the racetrack during the 2000 season, Chevrolet decided to increase the cars mmanual by enhancing it for the season.

The car placed third and fourth in its class 10th and 11th overall at the 24 Hours of LeMans in June, Production Corvettes did not receive any substantial mechanical changes for the model year, though a few enhancements were made. Perhaps the most notable of these involved the upgrades made to the Z51 Performance Handling Manuwl. While these changes did not produce a notably stiffer ride, they did improve handling, especially in transient maneuvers, by increasing roll stiffness.

Corvette Owners Manual,

Most of the other mechanical improvements for the Corvette centered around drivability and ride stability as well. Engineering improvements were made to the Selective Real-Time Damping owwners. These changes largely involved the introduction of new or revised algorithms integrated with a re-designed softer jounce bumper for ride and handling improvements. Production of a single C5 Corvette takes 55 hours from start to finish.

However, this is actually 15 hours less than the production of the C4 Corvette. This is due in large part to the fact that the C5 Corvette actually had fewer mechanical components than the earlier Corvette. Additionally, improvements were also made to the manual-transmission shifter.

The tension of the spring that located the shifter between the first-second gear gate clrvette the fifth-sixth gate in the manual transmission was increased to provide a better sense of gear location and selection.

Still other mechanical improvements included improved windshield seals, the introduction of dual-zone climate control, and changes to the seat belts, seat materials and seat construction. Cosmetically, there were virtually no changes made to the car design, although there were some minor improvements made to the detailing on the car.

Most significant of these changes was the modifications made to the five-spoke, standard aluminum wheels.

The new wheels were now fully forged with a flow-formed rim for greater durability, even though the new wheels featured thinner spokes than its predecessors. The popularity of this alternate polished wheel caused Chevrolet to announce in January, that a new, painted wheel from a different supplier would become standard to permit an increase in production of the polished wheel.

This new standard wheel was similar in design, though it did feature slightly thicker spokes. The proximity-based keyless entry system, which had proved to be perplexing to many consumers, was discontinued for in favor of a more conventional keyfob that utilized button controlled actuation. While the proximity controlled system had been around since its introduction in the Corvette, few consumers were saddened to see it replaced by this new, more conventional access-control system, which enabled drivers to lock and un-lock their cars with the press of a button.

After making its debut return to racing inthe C5-R Corvette proved its mettle in the season by competing — and winning races — in the American LeMans Series. First, on September 2,the No. To commemorate the arrival of the new millennium, Chevrolet offered two new paint colors or the model year — Millennium Yellow and Dark Bowling Green Metallic. Prices for the Corvette increased only marginally for the model year.


While some consumers claimed that the short-lived run of the FRC Corvette was the direct result of poor sales figures, the reality of the decision was somewhat more complex. While the hardtop Corvette promised increased performance, it offered little real performance improvement over the base model coupe.

Still, while the improved suspension, steering and handling did provide consumers a superior driving experience in some respects, General Motors was about to change the face of the Corvette market forever by introducing a variant of the hardtop coupe that would be more powerful than almost any Corvette that had come before it.

The last six digits begin at and run thru The Check digit number varies depending on each specific VIN number. For all Corvettes in the U. For all Corvettes exported from the U. All engines are stamped or laser etched with a partial vehicle identification number VINwhich was derived from the complete VIN. The engine ID number will be located on the rear of the LH cylinder head 2 or the front part of the LH oil pan rail 1.

See Figure 5 above. The 4-speed overdrive automatic transmission, the Hydra-Matic 4LE RPO M30has an identification number with stick-on labels, laser etching, or stampings. The Automatic transmission ID Number contains the following nine positions:. The transmission identification number Figure 6 indicates the transmission model type and when the unit was built. See Figure 7 above. The service parts identification label is used to identify the original equipment options built into the specific vehicle being serviced.

Apr 06, Nhtsa Campaign Id Number: Owner Notification Began November 13, Feb 06, Nhtsa Campaign Id Number: Owners Should Contact Chevrolet At Mar 28, Nhtsa Campaign Id Number: Owners May Contact Sabersport At Apr 05, Nhtsa Campaign Id Number: Owners May Contact Dope, Inc.

Chevrolet Corvette Owners Manuals

The leaking battery acid drips down the side of the battery, down the funnel-like battery support, straight down onto the PCM and the wiring loom. In some instances, car crippling damage corbette occur.

Worst case scenario can result in the need to replace the battery, the PCM, and the wiring harness. Additionally, acid corrosion will need to be removed from the frame and the frame repainted to avoid further damage as a result of prolonged exposure to natural elements. In some instances, repairs will need to be made to the air condition lines. It may also require replacing the computer. The needle bearings in the OEM rockers have been known to fail. The most common indicators that the engine is experiencing this type of a problem is increased valve train noise and the appearance of needle bearings on a magnetic oil pan drain plug.

This is most commonly caused by ring flutter, which allows extra oil to seep past the oil control rings. It does not to appear to cause any extra wear to the engine. It does not seem to cause any mechanical problems, other than a slight mess inside the intake manifold. A newer style PCV system can be installed, but this requires removing all the components in covrette top of the engine valley.

This problem will cause carbon buildup in the cylinders. Despite the foreign nature of the sound, It is completely normal. The source of the sound is the same. By depressing the clutch when turning the car on or off, the sound can be eliminated. This is not considered the fault of the car by Genera Motors, but the fault of the driver. In all C5 Corvettes, there are two fuel tanks and two fuel pumps. The first fuel pump continually pumps gasoline from the passenger side tank into the driver side tank.


This pump is not known to create any type ownwrs audible sound. The main fuel pump, which resides directly behind the drivers seat, owjers a considerable amount of noise, especially on early model C5 Corvettes. These sounds are normal, and are not an indicator of a failing fuel pump.

Chevrolet does have a bulletin out instructing Corvette owners how to better insulate against the humming sound of the fuel pump. Additionally, a newer, quieter fuel pump can also be installed.

The front brakes of many C5 Corvettes have been known to pulsate during braking conditions. This is the result of warped rotors. The brake rotors developed for the Corette Corvette are known to warp from excessive braking conditions. This does not indicate that the brake rotors require replacement.

In many instances, the rotors can simply be turned. However, when inspecting the brake rotors, it is important to observe 20000 the rotors are cracked, as a cracked rotor oowners require replacement. Old-style headlight bezel plugs, which conceal the bezel mounting hardware, have a tendency to fall off of older C5 Corvettes.

To resolve this issue, General Motors released a new style plug that features a twist-lock to prevent the plugs from falling osners, but these plugs also require a new headlight bezel.

Only the newer style bezels and plugs are available through General Motors and both are compatible with all years of the C5 Corvette. During periods of cold weather, the rubber hood stops have a tendency to rub and chatter against corveette hood.

All C5 Corvettes, especially those equipped with a manual transmission, are known to have as have an issue with the steering column locking after ignition is disengaged and remaining locked after vehicle operator starts the vehicle again.

In rare instances, it has also been reported that the steering column has locked during vehicle operation. Chevrolet dealerships are able to disable the locking mechanism by xorvette the current locking plate with a modified locking plate. At present, this is the only known method to resolve this issue. The C5 Corvette seats have several known issues that can occur if improper use and or improper maintenance occurs.

The wire springs in the seat bottom, and the bars in the bolsters are sometimes known to wear thru the foam and leather. This situation can be fixed by placing a layer of burlap between the springs and the foam padding. This issue can be repaired, but is ownere currently identified as an actual issue with General Motors. Many C5 Corvette Coupes with the removable roof tend to create a fair amount of wind noise and creaking during normal vehicle operation.

A dielectric or petroleum based grease is recommended and will doubly protect the weatherstrip by keeping it from drying corette. In certain instances, some types of gasoline especially those with a high sulfur content will cause the fuel gauge to falsely read empty. In some instances, running a fuel system cleaner through the gas tank has been known to resolve kanual issue.

Change engine oil and filter as indicated by the GM Oil Life System or every 12 months, whichever occurs first. The system will show you when to change the oil — usually between 3, miles 5, 20000 and 10, miles 16, km since your last oil change. Under severe conditions, the indicator may come on before 3, miles 5, km.