Title, zen priča. Biblioteka Sapiens. Editors, Nyogen Senzaki, Paul Reps. Translated by, Ita Kovač. Publisher, Izvori, ISBN, Download Nyogen Senzaki and Paul Reps – Na kraju početka Zen priča. Writer. Happy Step · Sports & Recreation · Exclusive Vjencanice I Haljine. Clothing (Brand). ZEN Priča. Author. Različak. Jewelry/Watches. Ivan Tocic – Artist.

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Last edited by Davy I; at Buda je potom rekao: Caodong i Rinzai kin. Sve ovo je preuzeto odavde Sad malo moga misljenja O zenu je vrlo tesko govoriti, jer ga svi posmatraju na razlicit nacin Koliko god tekstova ja citao, svaki je nekako razlicit Kad priica tek poceo da proucavam zen, smatrao sam da je vrlo malo skoro nimalo povezan sa budizmom, imaju zajednicku osnovu i to je to Kasnije sam nailazio na ljude koji zen uopste pricz ubrajaju u budizam, sto je vrlo pretenciozno, jer sam prostom logikom zakljucio da je zen najvisi oblik budizma, dovodjenje uma u stanje ne-uma budino stanje To stanje uma je, kazu, nemoguce izraziti rijecima mada je jedan ucitelj rekao da je to kao “srebrna chasha na belom snegu”, predivno Evo neke izreke na engleskom Uskoro cu postovati i zen price Life is all just zen.

And the world falls away It is what it is, in this moment, and that is all. That is how you learn to move between the worlds. Naravno, zen se moze proucavati na razne nacine Ali zen prakticno ne postoji van manastira i bez ucitelja On the day that he finally attained enlightenment, he took all of his books out into the yard, and burned them all.

But nothing could be further from natural.

Being in love is the most mature prixa realistic thing you can do. It energizes your life, fills you with positivity, creates generosity and makes every moment beautiful. The body heals the heart is happy. How can we learn to fall in love with all of life?

The world of Zen is filled with guidance and practice that permits us to open our hearts, clear our minds, become present, be who we are and be able to discover the wonderful secret of falling in love with all of life. As a great Zen Master says, ” When there are no unnecessary thoughts in your mind Everyday is a good day. The following exercises, based upon the Zen And The Art Of Falling In Love, will show us how to turn our lives upside down, clear away weeds in our gardens and be ready to feel love wherever we are.

Zen suggests that we stop running around seeking and see what is right in front of our eyes. 011 the ways in which you push him away. Allow the two of you to be together in whatever way you are. Let all of it prifa fine just as it is. Do the same thing tomorrow with someone else. The reason for this can be quite simple. They are so busy playing roles and games that the partner never gets to know who they really are. Notice what roles or games you play in relationships, and what roles you demand of others as well.


See if you are in love with the person, or with the role he is playing right now.

Turn this around for a little while. Try playing different roles. Try being with someone who plays roles you are not accustomed to. Now, become aware of the difference between who you are and the roles you play. Let the roles go and simply be who you are. Who we are is always loveable and beautiful. We grasp and cling to each, preventing the freedom of love from arising on its own.

When someone comes into your life or day practice letting him come. Enjoy what it is he brings. When it is time for a person to go away, practice letting him go.

Realize that his leaving has nothing to do with you. It is simply time for him to go. Do this with yourself as well. Let yourself come and go freely in life, not tying yourself in unnecessary chains. The more we free others and ourselves, the more easily we fall in love. They just may be obstacles to falling in love.

Take a look at what you feel is absolutely necessary in relationships. Now look at it again. Realize this is baggage you are carrying that may be keeping all kinds of people and possibilities away.

Let one of these demands subside. At first let it go for just one day and see how it feels to be without it. Remember you can always take it back again. Now try another day. As we do this many times, we may find that that which we thought was crucial for our lives was really getting in the way.

Nyogen Senzaki and Paul Reps – Na kraju početka 101 Zen priča

The more we do this the more light and happy we will feel. Not only that, but all kinds of new people, possibilities and situations we never noticed will start coming onto our path. We have made room for them by putting our baggage down. When we are in love this is never a problem.

We naturally give and are happy with whatever is offered in return. To open up to falling in love, it is important to adopt this state of mind – start giving naturally. What gifts do you give others in relationships? Take a few moments and also see what you hope to receive in return.


Now find something new you can give to somebody. Each day give something else. It does not have to be fancy or expensive, just something that will add to his or her day. Then do this with all kinds of different people.

Do it quietly without great fanfare and without expecting something in return. Then do this with yourself as well. Each day take a moment to find out what kind of gift you would like today.

Now give this to yourself each day. Although this exercise is simple, it is extremely powerful. Doing this daily in your relationship can turn everything around.

When you give, remember not to look for anything in return not even a smile or thank you. Just give to give, no expectations, no demands. By living with this open, generous mind, all kinds of other gifts come to you naturally. This is simply because they have not yet made friends with themselves.

Once they make friends with themselves and are able to be who they are, it is impossible to be lonely anymore. Make friends with yourself. Spend time noticing who you are. Accept all parts of yourself. Stop judging and rejecting what is going on inside.

Be still and look within.

Serbian Medievial Cultural Heritage – Vesna Petković —

Pay attention to your breath and just notice what is going on. Accept it, and return to the breathing. Understand that breath by breath, underneath the clamor, you are perfect just as you are. Can you choose to be this natural self in relationships? Can you choose to have relationships with those who want and appreciate just what you are? The Five Varieties of Zen 1. BOMPU The first of these types is called bompu, or “ordinary,” Zen as opposed to the other four, each of which can be thought of as a special kind of Zen suitable for the particular aims of different individuals.

Bompu Zen, being free from any philosophic or religious content, is for anybody and everybody.

Zeb is a Zen practiced purely in the belief that it can improve both physical and mental health. Since it can almost certainly have no ill effects, anyone can undertake it, whatever religious beliefs he happens to hold or if he holds none at all.

Bompu Zen is bound to eliminate sickness of a psychosomatic nature and to improve the health generally.